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Attention Riff Lovers!

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Great album, I got it the week it came out (1998!) ;)

Planets Collide is easily my favourite song, and I love December's Spawn too. Love the intro too.

The thing that surprised me was how SLOW it is, possibly with the exception of Scattered Pieces Lay (I think)

Haven't listened to it in YEARS!

Good choice though! :up:

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Guest Nikola Tesla

Eyehategod and crowbar are both fucking amazing!!! You really should check out Iron Monkey. Same idea as both of them but with an absolutly mental singer :rockon:

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Originally posted by Foreskin Ninja:

Yeah, A Bustle In Your Hedgerow was cool, but I dunno, not a great great album. Although nobody can argue with the greatness of "Staind Glass Cross". :)

Indeed it is an awesome song... other than the fact that they rhymed these two lines together:

"I'm gonna make that promise to you,

A stained glass cross looking down on you"

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