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Get yer tats out.


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Lookiing for a spot of tat advice. I always said I would only get tattoos if I saw something and instantly thought "I have to get that". However I got my last one 6 years ago and I've wanted more since then, but I've just never seen anything that I've really liked. Where can I get inspiration? Are there any tattoo websites, magazines etc that I can get ideas from? I don't like the idea of just ripping off someone else's tattoo but I might get some ideas for what I actually want.

Oh incidentally I can't draw for shit, and I have no imaginiation.


Ryan off of Cobra Kai

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Maybe you should only have something imprinted on you for life if its really important to you, and it strikes you as something you want on yer skin.

As opposed to going out looking to find something you want on you.

Not trying to be a dick, thats just my personal opinion.

Yes I agree, as I said I've been waiting for something to strike me for years but it hasn't done, so now I'm looking for ideas, thinking that maybe if I'm actually looking then something will strike me. Ya know?

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