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Tonight - The Fudge Awards 2008

The Ghost Of Fudge

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i heard Pete 'The Saint' Bloodnut almost got lifted for brandishing his Best Band 2008 cricket bat on Union St...

Seriously...what did you expect if you gave Pete a cricket bat? :p Queen of Fudge was a fix! Amy should have won, she looked fabulous last night! Not that Biz's attire wasn't pretty awesome too.

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ooh I'm a laydee

Does this mean I can participate in lesbotic frolics?.

Anyone got any video or photos?

All that lager has made my memory of the occasion almost non existant .

But I did keep a record of what tunes I played .


1 NOTHING LASTS FOREVER - Echo and the Bunnymen - most missed

2 LET'S LYNCH THE LANDLORD - Dead Kennedys - best Venue

3 GLAMOROUS INDIE ROCK AND ROLL -The Killers -best indie act

4 Ron the morris minors gone - The Diagram Brothers - most metal of metal

5 3AM ETERNAL - The KLF + Extreme Noise Terror - - best extreme act 2008


7 LAST OF THE INTERNATIONAL PLAYBOYS - Morrisey -best international act

8 HEROES - David Bowie - King and Queen of Fudge

9 ROCK LOBSTER - B52s - best rock act

10 ANARCHY IN THE UK - Sex Pistols - best punk act

11 THAT'S NOT MY NAME - Ting Tings -the best of the rest we can't pigeon hole

12 LOSER - Beck - worst band

13 NEW BORN - Muse - best newcomer

14 DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE -Electric Six -best live act

15 TOP OF THE POPS -Rezillos - best band

I can't remember who won what or why .

I won a totally gayamungous sparkly feather boa but it was nicked by that big wee toad promoter dude, och well it suited him, the big gay poof that he is.

At least I kept the plastic flowers .

The cricket bat would make a fine implement for doing air guitar on.

I can't remember what else was dished out as prizes, does anyone have a clue what actually happened? .

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I wish there was a category for taps

I like cajoling sounds out of the taps, they make great noises especially the third from the left one. Nae quite as nice as Drummonds or Snafus taps but miles better than the trickly efforts in The Moorings .

Well done Tunnels, your taps are a great source of amusement to my drunken mind, cheers Biz.

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