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fudge's aberdeen music awards 2008 - date set

The Ghost Of Fudge

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Who will be playing on this prestigious evening?

one confirmed act has a message for you all:

"Hey Amigos,

Just a short-note from the studio to say we have embarked on the aural adventure that is to be our third album. Only a few days in with Andy Miller at the helm, and we are already confident this is going to be a belter!

Due to the recording, we're pretty much off radar for the next couple of months, but we do have some gigs in the pipeline for March. We shall update the website a little closer to the time, but chances are if you live in Scotland and know our regular haunts, we'll be catching up with you then.

In the meantime, we have been nominated for best album (So For Your Thrills) and best single (Poison Letter) in the annual Jockrock poll. If you would be so kind to head over to jockrock - poll 2007 and give the Amps your vote cos there's some fierce competition and we have a reputation to uphold! ...go on it'll take nae time atta, there's only days left to vote so hurry:)

Slainte Mhath



Welcome to the home of Le Reno Amps


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Hidden leaves


After seeing their first show at Drummonds I'm looking forward to seeing Hidden leaves at the Fudge awards.

However mister Brian, they've only just played their first show and get to play. Was almost 10 years before you asked us. Feelings are hurt man, this is ill or whatever the emotional rock listening kids say.

On another note, what are the chances of a Scuff reunion at this years awards? That'd be awesome.Spank would def come see that.


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