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Celtic 2 - AC Milan 1


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Wouldn't you be embarrased if you were Dida's kid?

"Daddy, that man gave you a jolly tap on the face and you went off on a stretcher with an icepack. How did I even fit in your tiny ballsack daddy, was I adopted?"

That was probably on par with Rivaldo in the world cup a few years ago holding his face when the ball hit his thigh.

Anyway, Celtic win, I just saw the highlights - discuss.

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Yup. And got Inter kicked out the competition if I remember correctly.

Missed this, caught the highlights. Well played in the second half, but I was a bit bored with the first 45 minutes.

Really worried incase the same thing happens to Celtic. But then again, fans shouldn't be running onto the pitch and "assaulting" the opposition goalie.

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It wouldn't even have looked as bad if he fell straight to the ground instead of chasing the guy for a few yards then suddenly hitting the deck. Good result though. Although Milan controlled most of the game the defence did well and they didn't have much in the way of clear-cut chances. Jarosik really was a suprise inclusion, but he did well, although why Strachan insists on continuing to play McGeady is beyond me.

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No they didn't.

They had to play the next 4 home games behind closed doors (including against Rangers) and a fine - Inter Milan penalized for fan violence

effectively Inter were kicked out, seeing as the referee abandoned the game and Milan were subsequently awarded the tie without a reply. Although Milan were winning anyway.


cough cough :up:

Dida though, eh? What a fanny.

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Milan are fucking dire this season. Still don't have a decent keeper (Dida's shite as well as being a wanker and so is Kalac), the defence is all over the place thanks to constant rotation for league games (I've never seen a need to rotate centre backs - if you have a guy like Nesta, you fucking play him), and nobody other than Kaka offers anything up front. Gilardino and Inzaghi are far too similar to play together. And Gilardino's just not good.

Losing to a third rate European side is just embarassing, as impressive a result as it is for Celtic.

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