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    If you haven't seen his appearance on Conan yet... YouTube - Everything's amazing, nobody's happy
  2. Anyone who thinks this recession isn't going to affect them should listen to Peter Schiff. YouTube - Peter Schiff Analogies
  3. dogatron


    hahaha "babies with aids" "ohhh shit, 12 year old gay kids"
  4. dogatron


    you'll love this guy Louis CK
  5. you haven't got a clue. You'd find Ron Paul is probably the most honest politician in America if you bothered to do some actual research on him. Campaign For Liberty — Home
  6. Hilary Rosen: Rupert Murdoch Says Obama Will Win - Politics on The Huffington Post Murdoch thinks Obama might win... *flashbacks of him supporting blair in 1997*
  7. I've never seen them in the UK, but in the US, WholeFoods sells AMAZING yogurt covered pretzels. They're the reason I came home about half a stone heavier last winter.
  8. dogatron

    Euro 2008

    where is McCoist's toe poke?!
  9. just had a prawn biriyani from the blue elephant and since the prices went up 10% the taste has dropped about 20%. Fairly bland today 6/10
  10. could also be the ones who were affected by maggie fucking up the manufacturing economy the uk used to have. How long until GTA gets blamed for this? Think any of the kids shouted Garanga as they crashed?
  11. I recommend the acacia hostel in south kensington if you're on a budget...5 minute walk from tube station
  12. at least they'll make idiot detection on the street even easier
  13. Digg - 20 Years Ago TODAY (3/12) "Never Gonna Give You Up" hit #1 ! read through the 350 comments...someone had a productive evening
  14. another reason to pray for a nuclear holocaust...
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