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  1. I would rather take 100 mugs and a pound! In all seriousness no, you can get about 200 for it on eBay, and 160 from those phone recycling websites, so anywhere around those figures.
  2. Looking for a quick sale so thought i'd try on here rather than ebay. PM we with any sensible offers. Cheers
  3. afraid not, he's on tour with cky at the moment.
  4. support band is the morning after, cheesy 80s inspired metal. saw viking skull in the loft tonight, put on an amazing show.
  5. just finished watching metallica getting inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. great speech from flea, but boy were they off form when they played afterwards. was cool seeing them play with jason on bass again though.......
  6. digipack version is a waste unless you like cardboard boxes and a fancy coffin shaped hole thing on the cover. my coffin case edition comes in tomorrow..........
  7. saw them play the two new songs last night, certainly go down a treat live
  8. its open to fan club members only, so thats another 30 quid on top of the 5 if your not a member
  9. hmm, was working last night. well its out there on you tube if you type in mission metallica YouTube - Metallica - (preview of new song 2008) theres a newer one before its tsken down
  10. YouTube - Mission: Metallica Teaser (New Song) WORKING not bad sounding, enjoy!
  11. anyone seen the bands announced for this years download?? kiss should be pretty good, but whoever in the right mind would have lost prophets close it??
  12. needing to move out of my flat asap so please get in contact soon if you are interested (pm or email). en suite room located in the mealmarket exchange. its a student flat so its only available to students lease runs until July rent is 81/w along with a refundable 250 security deposit. bills have already been paid up until the end of the tennancy agreement. shared kitchen with four other people.
  13. anyone know of any bars in the city centre that will be showing the fight tomorrow night? or is it on too late for it to be shown
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