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Bonesaw in Oslo... Check out the POSTER!!!

Bonesaw Bazz

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50 return from Prestwick, nae too bad. But, eating and drinking is gonna be the killer part. Got somewhere to stay too though so that's all we have to pay for. I canna wait to check out Oslo though, rumour has it Fenriz (Darkthrone drummer) is gonna be DJing this show!!! WOOO and fuckin HOOOOO!!!!

That will be to Oslo Torp airport, it is about an hour and a half via bus to Oslo. Dunno why they call is Oslo Torp....it is nowhere near Oslo! It is like calling Perth..Aberdeen.

Eating isn't too bad Bazz, beer can cost a bit (Carry-outs are much cheaper than 5-6 pints in normal pubs).

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I lvoe how both Corrupt and Bonesaw have the same wee cross at the bottom middle of their logos. How great.

haha canna believe i NEVER noticed that till Iain pointed it out. Ours is cooler though! haha Gonna be a killer gig. Nae had the chance to check out Death Hammer yet. Meant to be along the Thrash lines again though.

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Aye, fucking ace time. Gig in Skuret was a belter Death Hammer being the biggest surprise, loving the Sodom vibe they had. Lobotomized trached the stage so there was about an hour of negotiations to let the gig continue! haha Otherwise it was a cracker. Fenriz (Dark Throne) was there too!

We went down to Club Maiden on the saturday, which is an ACE place. Bit like the Moorings i guess but bigger. AND, i never heard or saw anything even slightly Iron Maiden, which was MAGIC! haha

So in a nutshell, go to Oslo! It's hella good. Preachin to the converted eh Hogg? heh

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