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600 for the lot


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600 for the lot

This is my last offer.

All in good working condion.

Take it or leave it.

Options, Have one cab at practice room and one cab at home for practice or gigging.

Or two cabs at practice room and bass pod xt live for practice.

Also bass pod xtlive gives pro recordings to pc.

Or can be used for practice with mp3 player.

This gear will meet all required use as live gig, practice or recording.


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I got both cabs in my puegot 306 boot. The rest went in the back seat.

1 cab is quite sufficint for any gig you are likely to do in aberdeen. So as i said before you have the choice of any cab depending on the sound you like or both cabs give full punch with a deep bass. You are looking at 150 watts if using just one of the cabs and 300 watts for both.

Ideally i would have liked a 2 channel power amp for this set up to be complete. as the podxt live has 2 channel out sending lows to 1 channel and high to the outher. This would then be the ultimate set up giving you more options than you will probably ever need.

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