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  1. Jazz http://www.aberdeen-music.com/forums/musicians/59423-jazz-anyone.html Maybe you will be interested.
  2. Dazza1040

    Jazz Anyone

    So far we have Bass and Guitar, And have been working on these Standards using band in a box . Here is a link to some recording I have done of us playing along with band in a box. YouTube - Dazzajazz's Channel All Blue Autumn Leaves Blue Bossa Just Friends Rhythm Changes Solar Song for my Father Stella by Starlight Summertime Well you Needn't We are looking at getting some other players to replace the band in a box, Sax, vocals anything really.
  3. YouTube - Dazzajazz's Channel 150
  4. This is a Electric Drum kit i made myself. Comes with Alesis Trigger Io. Trigger|iO Trigger-to-MIDI/USB Interface I can also chuck in some drum sofware. Needs to be hooked up to pc or drum module for drum sounds. Fun to play. Open to offers Does not include the seat and bass pedal.
  5. Would you be up for a swap for Alesis iO14 Firewire? Or if I can get a buyer for the drum kit, then I will have it of you if you still have it. For this. Diy drum kit plus Alesis tigger Io. Without bass pedal and seat
  6. At the moment we have Bass, Guitar and Drums, and are looking for some brass players and also keys. We have our own practice place in town and can do any night. List of jazz standards we are working on, but we are open to suggestions. Just Friends (I got Rhythmn) Lovers no More All Blues Autumn Leaves Summertime Stella by Starlight Solar St Thomas Blue Bossa Song for my Father take five Well you needn'.
  7. Anybody tried Ninjam? Jamming live online with people all over the world. Thats right jamming over the net, And when your done you can open the session into reaper ( this is something like cubase/sonar) and when you open session everybody are in there own tracks for mixing down if you like. The way it works is kinda wierd but it works. You pick tempo and how many bars, then it records everyone first time round, then second time around you hear what was played before, This is ideal for playing jazz standards. This was me jamming today, I am on bass, The others where playing real sax and some trumpet , keyboards, guitar, and a second bass.The drums where just a looped drum machine. As i said the guys could have been anywhere in the world. I dont know any of them, I just met up in the jam. Its just a 2 chord thing, but it went on for about 20 mins. I cut it down to 6 min. Link YouTube - Ninjam
  8. Just thought i would share this. I have been using ninjam for a wee while now and get some good jams online with it. Jamming with people all over the world. Its just a small free bit of sofware, Then u can join in, There is a lot of jazz on it playing standards, real sax,trumpet players even drummers, all sorts of instruments. so there is always somewhere u can fit in to the jam. Here is the link. NINJAM - Novel Intervallic Network Jamming Architecture for Music - Main there forum Cockos Confederated Forums - Powered by vBulletin
  9. geforce 6600gt graphics card plus fan upgrade Agp 50
  10. Yes thats what i mean going to saml4 on friday.
  11. Ok looks like the stuff will be going of friday. So if you are interested you better get your bid in before this.
  12. Warwick Corvette standard cost me new 799
  13. amp 250 Bass 250 Basspod xt live 200 or will take 550 for the lot Is it worth putting a add up at captain toms?
  14. Dazza1040

    Pc sale

    sony 19in tft 8 ms response Not splitting it up though make me a offer for the lot
  15. Dazza1040

    Pc sale

    Pentium 4 - 3 ghz 1 gig of ram 2 hard drives 1- 200 gig & 1 - 40 gig Windows media center on the 200 gig and windows home on 40 gig Tv card record live tv freeview Nvidia 6600gt graphics card + extra cooler fan Sony 19 in flat monitor Wireless keyboard and mouse 19 in 1 card reader 6 usb slots Media center remote and reciever Dvd burner 8x, dual layer Speakers Headphone and mic, webcam Midi leads 2 x sound cards gives you 4 tracks to record at the same time everything in exellent condion Can set it up with cubase or sonar plus loads of plugins or they way you want it Bfd drum module full Anything you require really 400 for the lot and set up if required
  16. mmmmmmmmmmmm let me think. I know its a silly price. 550 cash and its yours.
  17. I got both cabs in my puegot 306 boot. The rest went in the back seat. 1 cab is quite sufficint for any gig you are likely to do in aberdeen. So as i said before you have the choice of any cab depending on the sound you like or both cabs give full punch with a deep bass. You are looking at 150 watts if using just one of the cabs and 300 watts for both. Ideally i would have liked a 2 channel power amp for this set up to be complete. as the podxt live has 2 channel out sending lows to 1 channel and high to the outher. This would then be the ultimate set up giving you more options than you will probably ever need.
  18. Yes for the lot includes bass. I know it a deal at that.
  19. Dazza1040

    Swap Shop

    How about 50 copies of Take a Break. for the lot. My wife has a build up of these and needs to get rid of them of the bed side cabinet before it collapses. Lol If its been a year sitting doing nothing then they are worth nothing to you, as you will never use them again. So give them up for free and maybe they will be used and abused by someone who will read read read and then do the same and pass them on to be abused by someone else. After all this is what makes the world go round.
  20. I am male 38 live local. Have been on the pub circuit doing pop rock covers for 5 years. Green river collective and The usual suspects Anything will do apart from thrash metal. Origional or covers or anything experimental. No transport. Plenty of time on my hands to practice or jam. I might have a cheap place to practice too and drummer depending on the genre. Also would be up for some pc recordings. I have everything to record but drums. As i said mostly into anything. Give me a try.
  21. 600 for the lot This is my last offer. All in good working condion. Take it or leave it. Options, Have one cab at practice room and one cab at home for practice or gigging. Or two cabs at practice room and bass pod xt live for practice. Also bass pod xtlive gives pro recordings to pc. Or can be used for practice with mp3 player. This gear will meet all required use as live gig, practice or recording.
  22. This is my best price i can do. Warwick bass 250 Head and cabs 350 Bass pod xt live 200
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