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Dizzy Storm

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Dizzy Storm is again very chuffed to announce this show, been listening to their ep for months so the opportunity to put them on is amazing....and i got the album 2 days ago and havent had it off my player since! so so beautiful...in fact id say it was one of the most beautiful things ive heard in a while :)

Swedish four-piece Audrey formed in 2002 and started performing gigs in April of the same year. Having recorded a demo in the studio of an artists collective in Gothenburg in the summer of 2003, the positive responses were immediate. Word was out on an eclectic new band.

Describing Audreys music is no easy task. If the group has succeeded in finding a central theme, its a balance in the melodies - shimmering beautiful seconds of pop meet dark sadness. The harmonies (everyone in the group shares vocal efforts) shift quickly between keys and moods. The hierarchy of the group is minimal and each song is improvised out as a whole. Straightforward, conventional narrative, is replaced by abstract meanings which strengthen the melodies. I like it when the lyrics can mean different things, that we give clues to our audience. Sometimes we can write quite incoherent things, but we are looking for a feeling in the music, says Victoria.

In the Spring of 2005, Audreys debut EP was released in the UK and the band toured as support to their Gothenburg friend and contemporary Jos Gonzlez. Some warm reviews and a BBC 6 Music radio session followed, along with more UK shows the following Autumn.

In July 2005, the four girls went into Gothenburgs Elements studio along with producer Paul Bothn, in order to record their debut album. Pauls credits include the Grammy-nominated Northern Blues by Kristofer strm and Moby Dick by The Bear Quartet. Paul and the band expected the recording to take two weeks, in the end it took a total of two months, with sessions continuing into 2006.

The result is a landscape of sounds, rich and grand, with a naked honesty often lacking in so many over-produced efforts. Think Steve Albini meets Don Fleming meets Dave Fridmann. Vocal harmonies mix with dark pop melodies, post-rock sounds and orchestral arrangements. Perhaps one can hear respectful nods to; Cat Power, Karin Dreijers of The Knife, Dirty Three, Low and Sigur Rs, but the result is very much their own.

go listen to tracks from the new album, Visible Forms, at



supports, and other surprises tbc...





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  • 4 weeks later...
ive been trying to upload the pic with the tour dates on but i cant do it for some reason...this'll just have to do instead :)


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear I'm going to be a stuttering little boy when I meet them... o_O

Can't wait. Beautiful women, beautiful music. Doesn't get any better really...:love: :love: :love: :love: :love::help::)

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im just listening to Visible Forms again, for the first time in a couple of weeks (had to stop myself for a while, was in fear of overplaying!) and it just hit me again how excited i am!!!! but the music's so so beautiful that now i fear that i may burst into tears on the night!! o_O :love:;(

Since when did you need an excuse? :p

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this should be amazing..

peacock looked and sounded great for the Wixel gig.. hope to see much more there in the future.

Peacock will look as 'lush' as the music deserves (within budget...)

Lorenzo Snow Collective as well and for those that haven't seen them yet they are, in my opinion, one of the top bands in Aberdeen at the moment.

Cant' wait!

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