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  1. Nah man. I picked it up on Oink yesterday.
  2. I am so pissed off about missing him and talkingmakesnosense. If i figure out he plays Last Songs Of July, i think i'll have a breakdown.
  3. Aye, still, it had some good tracks here and there. It grew on me over the months. But this is just pure shite.
  4. What the fuck are they playing at, seriously? I feel so empty inside.
  5. Oh...oh...can you hear that...? ITS THE SARCASM PLANE FLYING OVERHEAD! *NEEEEEEEEEEWOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOW* But seriously. You'd have to be an idiot not to get my point. I couldn't possible pick my favourite 'mellow' song. But, right at this moment, i'm listening to a lot of Songs : Ohia, and quite a bit more of Jason's work, which, you know, hopefully fits your vague term of mellowness.
  6. So...like, is a 'mellow' song just something without distortion, or, heaviness in any form...? Thats quite a wide spectrum.
  7. Elvrum

    Xiu Xiu

    Seriously. Thank you Jamie. For the many years of violent and emotional listening. ;'((((((((((((((((((( Let us discuss his works, here.
  8. 'Rare acoustic sets' by noisy bands are usually terrible, beyond words.
  9. Hmmm. I might try and make that date. I only saw Allegro once, supporting the outstanding A Day In Black And White. I quite enjoyed it.
  10. I will most certainly be not checking out a band with a name like Gorefest.
  11. IM IN. Hopefully. And any chance to rip off Shellac and City Of Caterpillar, i can't let go by. Although, i'd like to state at this point i can't play like the guy from Circle Takes The Square. That guy is fucking insane.
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