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who has the hardest kickdrum in aberdeen


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I play louder than anyone - certainly louder than any waveform machine can register' date=' just wait till I get some tubs to hit, Abdn city centre will think the end of the world is nigh.[/quote']

You certainly talk louder than anyone else, but I suppose it helps having a mouth as big as yours:up:

PS. I do like that dinky kit in your pix though.

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So you mean who has the most distorted electronic noise clip. There is no kicking or drums involved.

no I mean the HARDEST KICKDRUM SOUND. Both those waveforms are originally derived from drum synths and still sound like kick drums after being treated, anyway I'm not about to explain the fine art of making an evil kick sound to people who use to kick drums that sound like a dustbin.

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kick drums that sound like a dustbin.
...or a kick drum, cos thats what they're using....a kick drum.

I could put up a smaple of a Nokia ringtone, but it doesn't sound anything like a ringtone, it sounds more like a 12 minute fart.

But it was originally a Nokia mono ringtone.

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Guest Mr Blastcap

wierd, just read this and heard someone yelling. looked out the window and there's a electrician in the street waving an analogue waveform. cant tell how distorted it id from here though, i'll dig out me spyglasses...

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