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Palehorse - 23rd August

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Guest Donald
well looking forward to this one

could be one of the best gigs this year

Are you not away driving TAWFAWW* when this is on?

*Saw them a week ago supporting Thrones and Zombi - they were at their face melting best!

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shai hulud tour looks terrible. plus apparently its a watered down/tax bill tour (so i hear from good sources)

What you talking 'bout Willis?

Parkway Drive are, in my opinion, a great band. Remembering Never are ok. Shai Hulud still have a solid line-up (Eric Dellon is a good addition as a new vocalist, he's great in Zombie Apocalypse) the two Matt's are there (which given that they write all the songs hardly means its a watered down line-up if thats what you meant). I'll get to see my favourite band of all time play in my own town, beggars can't be choosers. The only thing that would be on par with that would be FSF fronted by Jason Gleason playing Aberdeen.


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Guest Donald

Minor change that I'll mention (though It won't affect many/any!)

It's says on the poster that this is an all ages show. This is a mistake-it should say over

14s only.

Sorry if this is inconvienent for anyone-best to mention it though.

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Guest Donald



Red Stars Parade


We Shall Be Blessed

Greater the Shadow

Are still playing (perhaps one more). Door price will be knocked down a bit.

Still a great line up.

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Guest Donald

If Red Stars Parade are as good as last time then they'll be worth admission price themselves.

Just looking at your upcoming listings-funnily enough I was going to suggest to you the other day that you get Zillah for the Volt gig.

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