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Laeto/Foxface/Tattie Toes/Uncle Fritz - Live In Dundee, 14/4

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Hi. Just incase any of you are interested.

Pet Piranha Records Presents:

Laeto - Local purveyors of 'victory rock'. Have played with Fugazi, Oxes, Idlewild, June of 44, At The Drive-In, etc, and generally kick serious arse! The band have been busy writing at Laeto HQ and are currently airing new material at their live shows. Come and check it out before they are studio-bound to record the follow-up to last years excellent ZWOA LP.


Foxface - Glasgow 3-piece featuring ex-members of Peeps Into Fairyland. Shared line-ups with the likes of Sons And Daughters, King Creosote, Idlewild, etc and through their jangly, folky and sometimes noisy tales of Texas and stormy seas amoungst other things, they have become one of Glasgows most interesting bands. Review of a recent Optimo show:

**Foxface @ Optimo** 12/02/06** reviewed by Skinny**.

"Distinctively part of the Glasgow movement, Foxface remain decidedly different".


Optimo, Glasgow.

12th February.

Performing their most powerful gig to date, FoxFace led yet another packed night at this infamous Glasgow hot spot with punters revving their engines in anticipation of this unique club night's surprises and glorious offerings. Less Celtic in style than previous renditions, the band appear to have reached out to rock-related influences, and have produced a unique sound that will appeal and excite, without losing the resonance of, distinctively modern, Scottish Folk music. Swathed in a set created specifically for this commanding show by Chateaux artists Heather Lander and Silo; band members executed their songs under the flight of 'cockpigeons' and jungle-like scenery, that only added to the panache and lan of this great gig. Distinctively part of the Glasgow movement, Foxface remain decidedly different, and as such are difficult to pin down when attempting to draw comparison or influence. Think Kate Rusby (without the fiddle), Bert Jansch (with more oomph) all mixed with a good bit of Woodie Guthrie and the danceable quality of the Pogues. Sure to be a cult hit before reaching the national play-lists, FoxFace are definitely ones to watch. (Sam Eccles).


Tattie Toes - 'A hot broth of breath, brushstrokes and bulbous bass. Features ex members of Maxton Grainger, Eska (I think), Zuba and Krakatit.

Uncle Fritz - One man, one guitar and a whole load of songs about murder, hate, drug addiction, physical violence, isolation, firearms and daft haircuts. Currently recording the follow-up LP to Nine Songs so expect to hear alot of new material at this one.


All of this going for a cool 3 on Friday 14th April at The Westport Bar. Doors 8.30pm.

Will no doubt prove to be a break from the norm so come along and check out some new music in Dundee!

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