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Yeah! I actually like it :O

I don't want a black one. The KH-2 is my nice black ESP superstrat :up:

I know there'd be nothing wrong with going for a black one, but hey, I would like some variation, + I dig the finish so why not! :D

why are you selling the RG?

It's just not happening for me dude. It's good, but I'm becoming a gear snob - I play my KH-2 then play the RG and the difference (IMO) makes me want to stop playing the RG. :down:

I KNOW it's a good guitar for the money - thing is, my others just blow it away. Which is kinda unfortunate o_O

The RG has a nice Seymour Duncan Invader at the bridge too... you wanna buy it from me? :)

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Guest Fright Night
great guitar' date=' horrible paintwork.[/quote']


ats ace

i would have prefered the puppies though

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So how much does one of those new fangled guitars cost? And what makes it better than the other ones you have?

Well' date=' it won't be better than my ESP KH-2 Neck Thru. It's as simple as that.

Basically - I want something similar (tonally and in terms of playability) to the KH, and also for it to have an ebony board. This does so, and just happens to have an ace finish (IMO ofcourse).

It retails at 1499.

It's not that it's better or worse than my [i']other guitars (other than the KH aswell that is), it's different.

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