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The Tunnels. March 7th

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Guest Callum, Underflow

One more band added to the line up:

MAN - ERG (Aberdeen band made up of some of the members of Mickle Mass, I believe)

Also the web address for the Glasgow band Damians the Regicide is: http://www.myspace.com/inabsentia2

Should be a great and certainly interesteing night, hope you can all make it.

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Guest bluesxman
i would go but i will be watching dedalus at drummonds.

shutter sound ace though :(

Yes I've been wanting to see them after reading good things on here. Crap timing dammit I shall be trying to stay awake at Drummonds :down:

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thought that the shutter fans and post riock fans in general will apreciate molia falls from sweden. best post rock band i have heard in ages, remind me of the appleseed cats, tristeza, explosions in the sky


playing in aberdeen friday 12th may in the tunnels with small enclosed area and the fall of boss koala

all details can be found here


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