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All you budding photoshoppers...

Guest DustyDeviada

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That's pretty cool, but so much for the camera never lying. I think it's pretty crap when people who can't take good photographs are able to perfect them using a PC (not just portraits, but landscapes and so on). Granted it requires some skill but it takes the essence out of photography.

As for people wanting to change their appearance, no wonder our culture is so vein and people are hell-bent on having a perfect body; it's just a pitty the celebs don't have them either.

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they are crazy, guess it just shows celebs are just as human as every one of us, they just have more money to spend on people with better photoshops skills.

It'll make you look differently at the front page of every magazine from now on i guess.

I like some of the composite manipulations too, like removing people from the picture completely and the Grissom from CSI one, all fucking cool.

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