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apparently I'm in the top 4.22% percent in the world. Before tax.

Amazingly after putting in roughly what I've been told my salary is going to rise by in the new year I am amongst the top 2.66% in the world (before tax).

Despite all this I'm still overdrawn and skint at the end of each month.

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Apparently i'm in the top 0.727% What the hell is this based on' date=' I think it's just making it up to inspire guilt and lead you to make a donation....??[/quote']

I think that's the point, but, I think you'll find, that it probably is based on fact, and we as decadent westerners "think" we don't have much money, but in reality do...even in 30K a year seems like "not a lot", to the 99.3% of the rest of the world, it IS a lot.

as it points out, it's all relative, in the UK, 30k is fairly average, not a big deal, but on a global income level, it IS a lot.

fish in the UK is expensive, but to a Thai fisherman, who makes "10p a week", FISH is probably cheaper, relatively...

nes pas ?

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