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Drummonds on Friday?


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Anyone catch the show?

What ya think?

I thought Seventh Circle were fucking amazing! Rather impressed by them.

I frickin loved playing, and we got a pit! More importantly, we got the Seventh Cirlce guys doing the Do-se-do to Centrefold! Woo!

3rd band were kewl, loved the cover of the fish! I was skanked out after that.

Wish I caught the last band, but I had to go out for my mates birthday celebrations. Were they any good?

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all the bands were amazing. seventh circle ruled, one of the best 7 man pits ever! shame hardly anyone stuk around for circadian, coz they kicked ass! a very good night over all in my opinion, shame drummonds was so busy, it was like a sweat box, but it was fine once u got used to the smell.lol

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I must say I enjoied the night! I didn't think much of circadian, a little RATM and over all I didn't really like the lyrics. A quote from a friend "I saw that lyrics coming two minutes ago, wandering over the horizon"

Lost Reality, what can i say, i aint seen many funky Bands in Aberdeen in a while, so good going. As for Debassed and Seventh circle, awesome.

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yeah, but that place was, and i never thought i would say this, was TOO busy! good for the bnands, bad for the people, as it was cramped and smelled like an intereasting blend of feet, sweat, and urine!lol, still, was an excellent night!

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Thought I'd just send a mail to say thanks for everyone who came to the gig on friday, and for those who stuck about to watch us (Im in Circadian by the way)

To sum up the bands......

Seventh Circle - Ok yeah, mates of mine, but I gotta say, damn you guys were good, was great playing with you, and be great to play with you again. Rockon!!!

Debassed - I loved the choice of cover songs, really gave a good atmosphere, and you guys rocked!

Lost Reality - Good to hear a bit of funk within all that metal, big fan of it myself. Thought there could have been a little more to the music, but definalty enjoyable nonetheless. Was impressed with some of the drummin especially :band:

And just a thanks to Dave for putting on the gig, was a great night for all I think :cheers:

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