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The Paper Chase

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I've been listening to them for a couple of years now, and still get shocked by how good they are.

Songs on continuous play just now are: AliverAlungAkidneyAthumb, A War is Coming, Now You're Gonna Get It, Drive Carefully Dear and A Little Place Called Trust.

Anyone else like listening to their nightmares?

Also highly rated at the moment are the Oxes (shock horror) and young local upstarts Project: Ven Hell

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Does anyone remember Paper Lace?

i used to have a copy of paper lace's long forgotten football single 'weve got the whole world in our hands' made with nottingham forest FC, it got to number 24 in the charts in 1978....

god i'm sad :down:

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Also highly rated at the moment are the Oxes

And i just noticed they are touring again...

8th June - Birmingham, Medicine bar

9th June - London, LSE

10th June - Leeds, Woodhouse Liberal Club

11th June - Milton Keynes, Bletchley Leisure Centre

12th June - Glasgow, Barfly

13th June - Edinburgh, Subway

14th June - Derby, Victoria Inn

15th June - Oxford, Wheatsheaf

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