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An evening in the company of Jason Ringenberg - Mon 9th May 05


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interesting music are delighted to announce an evening with


Mon 9th May 05

The Tunnels

Carnegies Brae


Doors 8pm

Entrance 5

It has been written that most of us go to our graves with our music still inside us. Jason Ringenberg has nothing to fear. He's been hailed as an alt-country luminary, creator and aggressive cow-punk perfector, and now a tireless, barnstorming roots punk solo performer. Formerly of Jason and The Scorchers who produced an unholy union of country and punk rock which was met in some circles with turbidity, but was ultimately upheld and critically acclaimed by anyone with a soul as "TNT from Tennessee." The Scorchers commenced to laying waste to venues both at home and abroad, bringing their infamous, eviscerating live performances to indefatigable heights and gladly throwing themselves over the proverbial edge. When the band split prematurely in 1989. Jason found time to rediscover his country roots with his 1992 solo venture ONE FOOT IN THE HONKY TONK. The Scorchers regrouped to unleash slew of stark, arse-crumpling LPs in the mid-90's. With that kind ghost of the Scorchers finally exorcised in 1999 (Jason prefers the term "semi-retired"), it was time to set out building his future, and people, he likes to build it tall, with all killer/no filler spring-fed country goodness. The new millennium saw the release of A POCKET FULL OF SOUL, a stripped-down affair chock full of bricks-and-mortar countryside themes - finding it, keeping it, losing it, giving it away. His legacy was expanded with ALL OVER CREATION, which provided collaborations and duets with everyone from Steve Earle to Swan Dive to UK rockers The Wildhearts, adding essential hues to Jason's eclectic prism of light, sound and history. Seeking and finding critical acclaim on the same level or better as that of the Scorchers, it redefined his career. The live shows featured Jason on guitar and harmonica, the new bark shop folkster, but even alone he burns with the intensity of a dozen radioactive cattlemen. Not your daddy's country. But daddy would surely approve behind momma's back.And now before you, gentle public, his latest CD, is the culmination of Jason's past two years in pursuit of the new American sunrise. EMPIRE BUILDERS is Americana, Hosana, trifecta and confection.

Bill Ketzer, 2004

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