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  1. Thanks for posting this Alan. I knew I'd forgotten to do something.
  2. Eats in NYC Eat here and have the brussel sprouts. They are amazing. ALTA Best to book though.
  3. Going to see Singing Adams in Newcastle on Friday.
  4. I'd forgotten about Will Starr. Thanks Alan (I think).
  5. Did they perform a marriage ceremony on stage in Glasgow? They did in Oakland but that may have been because it was Valentines Day.
  6. Alice Porter, I love you. Could be their best beer yet and I thought nothing could beat Harcore IPA.
  7. Number one album in the USA too. Got tickets to see them in Oakland in Feb. Woohoo.
  8. I got tickets for their gig in Oakland, California but then I'm stupid.
  9. I have my tickets. They are a great band and played a blinder at last year's End of the Road festival. Not to be missed and a big thumbs up to IMP for getting them here.
  10. The first record I can remember buying from the Rosemount shop was the Transmission 7" by Joy Division. Don't think it was the first though.
  11. End of the Road. September in Dorset. It's simply wonderful.
  12. Don't they do the theme tune to SKY's series Bones?
  13. At the moment I can't get enough of Richmond Fontaine to the point that I'm also reading main man Willy Vlautin's novel, Motel Life. Latest album, We Thought the Freeway was a River is bloody marvellous.
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