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At the Drive-In Best of

Larsen B

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The best of AT THE DRIVE-IN has been compiled for a new anthology this summer.

June 6 sees the release of This Station Is Non-Operational by V2, a collection put together in conjunction with original label Fearless and approved by members of the band.

As well as tracks from the bands four albums, the anthology also features covers of The Smiths (This Night Has Opened My Eyes) and Pink Floyd (Take My Stethoscope and Walk).

A bonus DVD collects the videos for One Armed Scissor, Invalid Litter Dept, Metronome Arthritis as well as a discography, wallpaper and buddy icons.

The anthology takes its name from a lyric in the bands breakthrough tune One Armed Scissor, shortly after the release of which, in 2001, the band announced an indefinite hiatus.

Members then went on to form Mars Volta and Sparta.

The tracklist for This Station Is Non-Operational is:


Picket Fence Cartel



Napoleon Solo


Doormans Placebo



One Armed Scissor


Non Zero Possibility



Rascuache (Vaya Remix)

This Night Has Opened My Eyes

Initiation (BBC Lamacq Session)

Take My Stethoscope And Walk

From NME.com

How the band members could approve of that title i really don't know. Odd tracklisting as well. Is there anything from Acrobatic Tenement there? Could be because it was on a different label. I've never heard Incetardis or Autorelocator. Cover of This Night Has Opened My Eyes should be interesting.

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Most of that comp is fully rubbish. ATD-I really were nothing special before Relationship of Command, in my opinion. It's fucking criminal that there are not more songs from that album on the "Best Of."

Typical Drive In, being all angular about it.

This could have ben a great best of, picking the good earlier stuff and sprinkling in amongst them the best "Relationship" songs. And they did an amzing Radio One session, which would have made a great second CD instead of pishy videos and "buddy icons." The fuck? What's all that about?


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Ive heard "Autorelocator"' date=' it's pish. Nothing from Acrobatic Tenement deserves to be on a best of. Well maybe "Porfirio Diaz" just for the title.[/quote']

I dunno, Acrobatic Tenement had a few good tunes on it. Raw as fuck, but not all that bad. Seems about time for a ATDI best of, even if it is as akward a track-listing as this. I might get hold of it if i can't find the covers/b-sides elsewhere...

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I think Relationship of Command is a better introduction to the band than any best of could be. What I'd rather see is a compilation of all their rare EPs and splits that they've done

I agree, although a lot of their earlier stuff just isn't worth listening to at all. A Rarities/B-sides/Covers collection woulda been a much better idea.

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Guest Ancient Mariner

On the other thread you started today, Jimmy Jazz, you spelt mannequin "manicun", then with this thread you talk about a band who have a song called "Mannequin Republic". I'm tempted to label you thick

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