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  1. Oh my golly. Now...tour the UK.
  2. Wire (british late seventies post(?)punk. Very minimal, very influential) Wives (crazy punk/noise stuff. No idea where they're from. 'Erect the Youth Problem' is their album) Clor (jerky, quirky guitar pop with weird effects and crazy riffs. Were awesome at Leeds fest.)
  3. Awesome, awesome weekend. Saw some absolutely amazing bands: 1. Pixies - Obviously best band of the weekend. Gigantic as the encore basically sealed the deal, and when they fucked it up it was good to see them bieng light hearted about it and not pissing off. 2. Raveonettes - Fucking great. Storming set...played everything you (I?) could possibly want. 3. QOTSA - Honestly not the biggest fan but they blew me away. Josh was wasted but didnt hit a bum note once, singing or on guitar. Little Sister and Regular John were highlights. 4. Futureheads - Immense energy, just ripped through the songs. Wish I'd been nearer the front. 5. Biffy Clyro - Just cos I havent seen them in ages. New songs rocked although the set seemed a bit too short. Also saw ycni:m, hot hot heat, the Stooges, Blood Brothers, Alkaline Trio, forward russia, Clor, sons and daughters (also very good) and heard/saw/caught little bits of Adam Green, Echo and the Bunnymen, Roots Manuva, Editors, Arctic Monkeys... I was in Guest which was pretty cool, spoke to/hung out with a few cool people and generally had a very good drunken time. Bring on next year.
  4. Oh dear, I had the pleasure. Didn't have a bad time like, it was on it's way to hell the year I left though.
  5. The really long track off the second disc of Alec Empire's Intelligence and Sacrafice. It's just a bit unsettling how it goes on and kind of...persists. Stuff of Drukqs by Aphex Twin, the classic one from The Shining...about it.
  6. Hmm, maybe some (Hip-hop? Sixities?) Shakespeare, that 'Kafkaesque' thing. Stuff at the film festival as well. I might just wait and see what's happening at the time, or go on reccomendations...
  7. DON'T MAKE ME WATCH IT! I can't take much more of this. Disturbing but compelling.
  8. Fucking love 'em. They should tour the UK (...again? I dunno if they have already).
  9. Damn, I was gonna say Take me Out as well.. Seriously though, what's wrong with Flower of Scotland? It's been basically accepted as Scotland's national anthem for ages, so why should there be a such a drive to find a new 'official' anthem when this one will do? I think it's a very small majority of people who actually care about the whole anti-english sentiment (I've never met and english person who gave a shit about it), just like nobody really cares about the original verses of God Save the Queen. The English and the Scots fighting is just part of Britain's history, and is reflected in both anthems, and like it says in the song 'those days are past now' etc etc. Long story short, I'll be a disappointed if it's anything other than FoS or maybe something by Burns...
  10. I've had this guitar for a wee while but havent played it in ages, so looks like I'm selling it to finance (most likely) a bass of some description. Anyway, it's the reissue Artist AR250, and it's around 4 years old. Mahogany body w/flamed sunburst maple top. Stock pickups, generally very good condition. It cost me something like 540 from Miller's. I don't think you can get this model anymore but there are similar ones knocking about online - I'll update w/pics later. PM with offers.
  11. The whole book pretty much does all it can to convince you that Snape is evil, and that it's as simple as that, but he does seem to actually get angry with Harry at the end, rather than his usual fippant self. This might indicate the whole 'Dumbledore asking to be killed' thing... I don't know how Rowling is possibly going to tie it all up in just one book (4 Horcruxes still to find..?!) and in books this usual means something crazy will happen...so Harry will probably end up dead. Only a few years to wait... Oh yeah, and it was me. I took the Horcrux.
  12. http://atdiequipment.cjb.net/ Check it out. VERY comprehensive site, this thread just reminded me of it.
  13. Young Adam. Not so much that I didnt 'get' it...more like I couldn't understand why nothing really happened in it. Pi is another one, although I quite enjoyed it. There's a lot of films I quite like but don't really get; American Psycho, The Shining, Space Odyssey...etc.
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