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Aaron Gilman

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Originally posted by Jonny Lucifer:

Don't get into the habit of buying food from extortionate service stations. On the last PaGG tour we bought 70 of stuff from Lidl before we left and didn't need to buy anything extra for two weeks (between 5 people).

Don't ask me about booking. It's a living nightmare.

thats a good one, we're gonna have 4 people and 2 fat bastards to feed so we're lookin at about 100 on food.

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Originally posted by Aaron Gilman:

na not really, but yeah anyone got any proper tips for going out on tour?

how to save on money


loading the van etc

Get someone who you know is a good driver and not a piss head to do all the driving....but remember to not piss him off when you are pissed and buzzing after a gig...give him a bit of respect and time to rest when he gets the chance.

Take the minimum amount of equipment....there are lots of reasons for that....space in the van is important when you are in Milton Keynes and cant afford a hotel....three Marshall stacks look fucking totally rock and roll but when you don't have a road crew you will get really hacked off lugging it up four flights of stairs every night, it all weighs a ton as well and hauling it around will cost you more in fuel.

Take gallons of deoderant....the opportunities to wash are few and far between so after about three days you start to stink like a buffalo.

Make sure someone has a credit card....

Don't chat up the birds in pubs....especially in the northeast of england or darkest wales....they will always be someones girlfriend and the boyfriend will be the size of a buffalo.

Take plenty of merch with you...selling a couple of cd's and a teeshirt will pay for your next meal.

Check the vans oil, water and tyre pressures every day.....one day you will be glad you did, and waiting four hours to be towed off the M6 at 4 in the morning in February is not funny....trust me on that one.

traveling in the back of a van at this time of year is not for the feint hearted.....remember the vans heater is designed to keep the front occupants warm only....

Don't start a fight with the promoter....remember the bouncers will be on his side and he's bound to have a gun.

Remember and play to impress....even if there is not a living soul there...if you play well they will have you back.

Booking gigs......the best of luck with that one...


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Make sure to load the van properly. I believe someone had some tips on this posted up a while back. Heavy sturdy stuff at the bottom, breakables on top. Don't pile it above level of seats <some vans have a cage serarting the cargo and cab parts> because if you crash it will all come flying forward and smack you in the head...killing...or injuring you...serious shit! Same goes when putting stuff in the back of a car. Distribute the load evenly over the axles. Evenly distributed load is going to make the van handle alot better and it will be alot safer...bit like loading a caravan.

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take the mimumum of stuff, less to carry, less to set up, less to go wrong

in a slight contradiction to that, carry spares of everythign breakable, stuff like spare strings and leads (both long, and patch cables if you use fx) are essential, preferably a spare guitar too (useful to have on stage in case of any problems with your main guitar too) and if you have a valve amp a spare set of valves. then stuff like food and water, you dont want to be stuck having to drive 4 hours starving and thirsty, so a few bottles of water and some food to tide you over, there are probably lots of other small things that i just cant remember right at this second

try not to take much valuable stuff, stuff like guitars and amps are pretty essential, but when you are having to leave most of your stuff in a van, either try and keep the most valuable stuff with you if you really need it, or at home where its safe from theft or damage

pack the van starting with the heaviest stuff furthest from the doors (right behing the seats in front) and pack everything securely, so nothing wil move about in the event of a crash, so pack everything in tightly, and tie everything down.


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Originally posted by David:

pack the van starting with the heaviest stuff furthest from the doors (right behing the seats in front)

I would not advise that method......

weight distribution should be as even as possible throughout the load area of the van.....if anything, the heaviest items should be over the rear axle....but since the likelyhood of you coming anywhere near the load limit of the van is slim I wouldnt worry about that too much.

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Taking spares: fuses for the amps.

Plus, at least one spare amp (even if it's a shitty 30W job). It'll work.

Other rules:

If sleeping in a moving van, sleep with your legs facing forward. If you crash you'll only break them, not your neck.

Plus, remember: what goes on tour, stays on tour.

Not that I've ever toured like, but you know.


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Take a first aid kit if you can.

Avoid waitresses in Irish Cafes carrying hot beverages.

Take plenty of cds to sell.

Take sleeping bags, I've put up quite a few bands who've come with little to no sleeping stuff.

Take plenty of mix tapes for the van.

Take a pillow so you can sleep whilst sitting upright in the van.

A video camera is a good way to save the occasion.

If going out of Uk make sure you have health insurance/P111.

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