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  1. Hey, I haven't been on Aberdeen-Music for an age, so I thought I would pop past and let everyone know what I have just updated some of the content on my Website. Would be really interested in hearing what people think of it. Also if anyone has any queries, contact me through my site. Thanks.
  2. Some new images posted. Have a look Sam Brill Photography they are of aberdeen band Cast of the Capital.
  3. Good advice, Dave. Thanks. I'll take it on board. But I already added a new section before I read this message... I will eventually get my own domain name and website, this is just a temporary site... Thanks for the comments and checking it out everyone. Corn you a funny boy.
  4. If anyone is interested in photography at all, they may be interested in having a look at my website. Click link > Sam Brill Photography Here are a few images to entice 1. 2. 3. 4. and two from a recent shoot... 5. 6. Would love to hear some opinions.
  5. SamWise

    FMA 2006 photo's!

    Check these out... I would post them but would take faaaaaaar too long and I have no patience, http://blog.myspace.com/8258919 Actually I'll give you a few. add me to myspace if you have an account...
  6. Bloc Party - Silent Alarm Mars Volta - Frances The Mute At-The Drive In - In Casino Out Idlewild - 100 Broken Windows LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem Bjork - Vespertine Mogwai - Happy Songs For Happy People
  7. I agree that a good few listens are required to enjoy it. I suppose its just just like most progressive music, it progressivly becomes greater. I'm sure I can listen to this album hundreds of times and still find new bits to it... Great.
  8. I will be up for the task, when my arm is better. (did I mention I give oral pleasure?)
  9. Mars Attacks Jeepers Creepers 2 Lawnmower Man (1&2 they both sooo good) Super Mario Bros. Spice World
  10. I would agree with Shawshank Redemption and maybe Terminator 2. Haven't seen Clockwork Orange... Oh and i saw Trainspotting for the first time last night, really powerful film.
  11. Hopefully I'll be at this...Damn bursary better be through. Wanna see what Radio Lucifer are like.
  12. See if I accepted both of your offers for a drink then you woulda' blamed me, ya? Oh plus if you go to gigs early you sometimes get in for free *high5*
  13. Hmm the famous tights... The Famous crotch shot...(where hogle stands directly in front of Jerret The Goblin King's (Bowie) genitalia) Ace film.
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