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  1. Not a troll, youve just agreed with me, i find metallica to sound very similar to dragonforce.
  2. Wow what a brilliantly awesome inspiring post, yes i totally would say this to a womans face, would i hit a woman? yes, but only if she had hit me first. Going by the amount of posts your on the computer more than I am, 1 to 2 hours for me, loser!
  3. Girls who scream need to be smacked in the face and put in their place
  4. Send me your email in pm and i will send you one
  5. Metallica and Dragonforce, pile of shit, music? its noise just pure noise why cant bands be like of old?
  6. They had to find some other famous person to get heroin and aids from
  7. Its kind of like an electric orchestra Fuck groupies, all got crabs or herpes or some shit from the disgusting puerile smelly rockers they fuck. Give me a slim, educated, foreign girl with low self esteem and a conservative dress sense anyday
  8. They treated him as a Chinese male would be treated in China just as a Chinese male would be treated like he would have been over here.
  9. Not really, completely on topic. I am looking towards the likelyhood that blair wanted to go to war with iran to create jobs. Without conflict there are no jobs
  10. It just shows you that the scots from the south in edinburgh and glasgow regions have it in for the union
  11. Both, the feeling would be wrong because we are not a species, its something i often think about, if all other animals are species why are humans different?
  12. That feeling is wrong we are a species not a race
  13. Whose powerbase is in... edinburgh? No, inverness? No!, England yay
  14. We should go to war with Iran, by we I mean England and by Iran I mean Norway...because the oil they have
  15. I wish i had more pressing things to think about than some folk on a website giving me bad rep oh but wait, i have a life
  16. Mcewans tastes 100% better than tennents, truly underrated
  17. Its terrible isnt it. if the leaders of it wernae so corrupted they could ave had a pretty country. France former colonies do look like they have a shit time i rekon its the language English only became the world language because it doesnt have any gendered words and is easier to learn all the shitty countries speak spanish-mexico then portugeese-brasil then french-haiti then english-guyana, usa.
  18. Liquid and korova and priory and metro and mono are all shit go to tk, babylon or oneills
  19. Some gay guy offered me coke in the liquid within 5 minutes of me entering, i took it because thats what i did at the time Unfortunately it was ket/powdered mdma and i woke up with a sore erse
  20. Haiti, where mud isn't just used for building Yummy It's their governments fault, too much corruption for too long When people are as poor as Haitians you know they will get greedy and use banditry to rob the supply chains of aid denying others of anything useful and making the mud cake bakers rich
  21. So here we have a bomb threat BBC NEWS | UK | Scotland | North East/N Isles | Holidays fraudster sent to jail or BBC News - Man in court over suspect package Why was this man not already in prison?
  22. a synthesizer wanted
  23. The pictures are good The website is dull and boring and would not inspire me to consider taking you on if I were looking for a graphic designer. If your intention is purely to show off your portfolio then it is fine.
  24. There will be more snow in Feb, last year Feb was when the main snow started
  25. If annexation and invasion didn't happen in the past then the world as we know it would not be! By merging and integrationg societies ideals from all over the globe we get the morals and codes of ethical conduct that we follow today. Cultures are different, what may not seem right to us may seem right to other cultures and this cannot be disputed! The Chinese authorities were correct in executing this man. He broke the law and was sentenced by the country against whom he broke the law.
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