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  1. Take out the hard drive, boot it using another mac to change prefs and swap back out, might mean she gets another little while from the machine
  2. Cant she just turn off the acpi sleep mode thing? Click on the blue apple icon in the top left corner of screen, and pick System Preferences In the Hardware section, select Energy Saver Make sure the Settings for: drop-down box is set to Power Adapter On the Sleep tab, move the sliding bar labeled Put the computer to sleep when it is inactive for: to Never
  3. 5 all empty, some double some single. Some grey some white some red mostly clear and black Would rather recycle them than chuck them out
  4. Firstly last time I was there it was very busy there were three or four bar people on - no problem with this Problem was the time it took for them to pour something after they had thrown the bottle around the bar area a few hundred thousand times Remove the partition beside the seating area, it gets too crowded to get safely from the toilet to the pool area Move the dj centre to somewhere beside the entrance Play rock music, iron maiden, metallica etc or something with bass, Paul van Dyk, Blank and Jones, Above and beyond - trance basically something which reflects the name. Stop the RnB if i want that I can go to Liquid, Pearl Lounge, Priory, Espionage, Cotton Club....
  5. Ya thats pretty much it, i taught the lovely lady who i'm now seeing:love:
  6. Best was BT 151, easiest job in the world, making up completely random shit to amuse yourself and your co-worker and just generally see what you can get away with edit: ok probably the best job was working on the aberdeen - shetland ferry, easy, well paid, brilliant co-workers, travelling Worst had to be guarding an oil compound in South Africa, 3 months of that then asked never to be put there again at night you could hear gunshots ringing out, people would lob molotov cocktails over the fences because some company forcefully took their lands, racism, ya they dont like whites there Most stress was a job at northfield academy the head at the time kept changing the mind, never realised until about a month ago that i probably took a class my girlfriend was in o_O
  7. I'm well aware of this....... That is why I asked if anyone knew where I could get it done The question was not 'where can i buy a scanner' or 'how do i get them scanned' The question was WHERE CAN I GET THIS DONE 'most' people would read the original post and 'understand' that.
  8. Some wont fit in a scanner, I dont have the time to scan 1000 photos.... its not practical
  9. No, just scanned, preferrably at high enough res for later printing, to stick on a dvd, hdd
  10. I have some old family photos ranging from the late 1800s to the 1970s and would like them scanned and digitised where could i get this done, there are about 1000 of them and they have a lot of sentimental value. Price is no object
  11. Wanderer


    Mahogany Bookcase - Buyer Collects 15 Picture: http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/1182/dscf1076h.jpg
  12. So my sister was researching family geneology its quite interesting actually surprisingly, so came up with this idea for a thread, places of birth only unless you can or want to put in years M: Mothers Place of birth MM: Mothers Mother's place of birth MF: Mothers Fathers Place of Birth MGM: Mothers Grandmothers place of birth MGM: Mothers Grandfathers Place of birth F: dads Place of birth FM: dads Mother's place of birth FF: dads Fathers Place of Birth FGM: dads Grandmothers place of birth FGF: dads Grandfathers Place of birth M: Aberdeen MM: Aberdeen MF: Aberdeen MGM: Aberdeen, Trondheim MGF: Ullapool, Elgin F: Liverpool FM: Liverpool FF: Liverpool FGM: Liverpool, Cork FGF: Liverpool, Fahmagusta
  13. Thats kinda cool, seems to be getting his life together.
  14. Robert Green is an absolute looney to believe all this although im sure his heart is in the right place, The girl, im sure was almost certainly abused at some point but on nowhere near the scale her mother claims. But then it all depends on whether you take the fact that her mother is writing everything for her and is mentally unstable The girl is a victim, green is too because he is retarded but so too are those who have had their home addresses posted and been threatened and abused even though they have done nothing wrong. The mother is vindictive and is trying to get back at former enemies whom she sees as the cause of her, extremelly embarrasing breakdown
  15. lindt do the best chocolate 99% cacao Bournevill Drinking Chcalote stuff 1 Cocao powder, 1/2 cinamon and 1/4 cayenne pepper or a few drops o tabasco
  16. Folk who say im bored.com, or im fuckingannoying.com folk who post unfunny pics of cats wi captions FAIL, EPIC FAIL, EPIC... FOLK who use lol in conversation
  17. Yeh ok, i can get you there, it shall improve, slightly
  18. How about health food shops that employ obese people?
  19. egg fuckin sackedtly I probably wouldn't give them a good hiding for it though- this too, what you say when venting frustration and what youd actually do are two completely different things and people should realise that instead of bein so dumb
  20. Oh god i can just imagine that 10x worse , head impolosion
  21. Chill out dude, plenty other folk say shit in jest, you single me out because most of the morons on this site dont agree with me? What a shit place the world would be if everyone just had exactly the same opinions
  22. For 24k id expect anal inclusive and a video of the whole thing
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