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  1. I'd also recommend ASPC - especially since they have private landlords advertising there which saves the hassle of a letting agency.
  2. There's a second hand/charity bookshop in The Hub at Aberdeen University. People take their old uni books there so they might have it if its a course you're doing at Aberdeen uni.
  3. I'm working Friday but going on Saturday to see Toy. Hope it stops raining.
  4. They don't seem to have a website anymore even though they are open. That or they've hidden it.
  5. thehunger

    Your current read?

    That doesn't sound very happy. Poor deformed hunchback. I'm going to find a poetry book to look at cause I can't concentrate on reading books properly some days. Mind doesn't work.
  6. This isn't in any order at all cause then it would take even longer to make the list. Party Monster It has the kid from home alone in it. Theres a good giant talking rat scene. It's a true story about a murder in America around the time of the club kids scene. The Fountain Probably the most beautiful film I've ever seen. Really sad though. Almost unbearably sad. I still don't really understand whats going on in it. Pi It was between this and Requiem For A Dream...I went for Pi over that because it makes me feel happy. Requiem For A Dream makes me feel a bit ill. But I like it too. Sylvia It's about Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath. Daniel Craig and Gwyneth Paltrow are really good in it. Delicatessen It's already been mentioned by KimyReizeger...but I am putting it in my list of favourite films. I much prefer it to Amelie. Maybe just because it has a frog man in it. And a butcher who sometimes uses his tenants as meat. It has a good feel. The Wisdom of Crocodiles The name of this film changed to Immortality (for...the American viewers I guess...) It's sort of a vampire film with Jude Law in it, but more interesting than it sounds. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas It's fun. It makes me want to drive around America on drugs. Spirited Away It's just good. No-Face and soot balls. The Neverending Story I watched it when I was younger and I still really like it. Scared of the wolf and the nothing. It's cheesy but in a good way. There Will Be Blood I went to see it at the cinema and it was amazing. It has the best ending of any film I've seen. The music is also great. The Fifth Element I've seen this film more than any other film and I still like it. Maybe thats why it's on my list. Starship Troopers Probably the only proper comedy I have on this list. Makes me laugh lots. The plot is terrible and the acting is terrible and the special effects are suspicious. But it has giant alien bugs! Mulholland Drive The guy that jumps out. I hate that guy that jumps out. Okay, so that's more than ten films, but I figured if anyone's going to bother to read through ten then they're going to bother to read through thirteen. That or they won't bother to read through any of them. I might add more if I remember more.
  7. WOkr.ee Work. Ahg. I've already been working everyday. Customers are causing me distress.
  8. thehunger

    Your current read?

    That book is good. I'm reading 'Valis' by Philip K. Dick. It's funny but a bit strange because it switches between first person and third person. And they're both the same person. The guys a bit mad I think.
  9. I think thats the problem. Pushing to get to the bar, being crowded in with the possibility of having to touch strangers, not getting to sit down, loudness/overbearing music and dancing are all hideous things to me. I also found there was a slight creepy atmosphere in Exodus. Perhaps avoiding the nightclubs would be best.
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