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  1. FEAR performing Beef Boloney and NY's Alright (If You Like Saxophones) live on SNL.
  2. Following their well received Lemon Tree show at the start of the year, the best Clash tribute band in the UK return to Aberdeen for another high-octane set. Here's what to expect; "So it was on to the 3rd gig in as many nights,this time at The Cafe Drummond to see Clash tribute act The Clashed. I have to say I had mixed feelings about a tribute act to a band that made such an impact on the music scene all those years ago but maybe I could wander down memory lane and listen to some great songs over a few pints of the dark stuff. I arrived early to a half full venue and watched it fill up with a wide spectrum of different people,some of which won't have been around when punk was at its height. The Clashed hit the stage around 11 o'clock with a barn storming opener, English Civil War, followed by London's Burning, I Fought The Law, Tommy Gun, London Calling and every other Clash classic one after another. Was I in a time warp? Was it 1977 (they played that too), the front was a full on mosh pit. I have to give credit to The Clashed - they not only sound like the Clash but they recreate the same ball busting energetic show on stage as Strummer,Jones and co excelled at." Support comes from local punk OAP's 16 Again. Check out http://www.theclashed.co.uk/ and http://www.16again.co.uk/
  3. Paul Roberts has now left the band who are reverting to a four piece with JJ & Baz handling the vocals. I think this will work better.
  4. Drummer Wanted ....or PM me here. Cheers, BB
  5. I think it was Restless at the Capitol and The Golden Horde at the Musci Hall
  6. I would have been just outta the right of the shot directly in front of Poison Ivy............. with my tongue hanging out. Older women with guitars and gold lame bikinis - mmmmm. Anyone see them when they played the Capitol a few years before? I actually thought that was the better show, although the Music Hall wasn't too shabby. And certainly a total riot of colour and sound and showmanship the likes of which passes through Aberdeen all too infrequently.
  7. I always used to think that Fire Of Love was "the one" but I've been appreciating Miami a helluva lot these past couple of months. Got a bit of a rediscovery thing going on with Husker Du (can't get Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill outta the damn CD player!) and their Dundonian influencees Broccoli at the moment. Good memories.
  8. Some pics from the gig courtesy of Rich McKay. More in my gallery.
  9. Bad Indian - The Gun Club True Warior - Ari Up Think Twice - Kaito Blood - The Editors The Prettiest Star - David Bowie
  10. Let's hear it for the Strummer man. Three years dead today.
  11. Why's that? At the end of the day, it's just a gig like any other. As Biz correctly points out, the object of the night is to mark the passing of a musical legend. I don't hear anyone calling into question the "profiteering" going on at the Elvisness or the Man In Black tribute nights. So why should this one be regarded any differently? I'd hazard a guess that not everything done by the Planeteers or indeed GFN is without profit, but I wouldn't dream of calling your motives into question because of that. But the solution's clear if you feel that strongly about it. Come along to the gig and rattle a bucket for Strummerville or Future Forests. Or go to another "non-profiteering" gig elsewhere in the city tonight. I reckon you'll have a hard job finding one.
  12. Teehee! Real punks? This is Aberdeen we're talking about.
  13. Marking three years since the untimely death of the legendary front-man, we bring you…. THIS IS JOE PUBLIC SPEAKING A tribute to Joe Strummer Featuring a veritable smorgasbord of local talent (oh, and 16 Again) all tipping their hat to the great man with the battered black Telecaster and the electric leg, we present for your delectation…… ……the trumpety punketry of THE UPSTARTS……… ……the politically incorrect witticisms of TERMINAL X……… ……the punchy gutter-anthems of THE WORKS……… …….and the shameless 70’s plundering of 16 AGAIN……. And as if that wasn’t enough, the DJ’s will round off the evening with a stellar selection of Strummer-friendly tunes. From Burning Spear to Bo Diddley, from Suicide to The Specials, from Sandinista! To Satta Massagana – it’s all there. All this kicks off at The TUNNELS on Friday 16th December, 9pm – 3am. Tickets are £4.00 from the venue, the bands or the usual outlets. Tell all your friends. It’s the last big event before we all go to jail!
  14. Top tribute band, Sex Pistols Experience are due to play Kef this Saturday - 29th. All being well, 16 Again are to support. With a bit of luck, Lava P will confirm price, times etc.
  15. Sorry guys - the line-up is now finalised for this show.
  16. "Gabba gabba! We accept you! We accept you! One of us!" RAMONES - Pinhead. Succinct.
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