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  1. What I like about the illegible logo concept is that it wipes out all the agonizing band-name-choosing sessions. You can just name your band PGSTEMNGFRCVJX JHSHJHEF and no-one will ever be any the wiser.
  2. Aren't aka-SKA on the Banshee stage on Friday too?
  3. Going Underground by The Jam or, in the case of cremation, I'm On Fire by Chelsea. You need a laugh at a funeral.
  4. Well that was a pretty decent night. All three acts put on a good show. The Damned were the best I've seen them for a fair few years. The revamped setlist was excellent with a few things I hadn't heard live before.
  5. Amazing! Do they still have huuuuuuge flat-tops and make a right mess at their gigs now they're around 50? Hope so.
  6. Aye me. Good gig. I also saw them at Exodus during one of the Tryptych weekends when they gave away a free EP on entry to the gig. A few years later I sold it on Ebay for 75. Woulda just about bought me the box set.
  7. Regardless of how much or how little he orchestrated things with the Sex Pistols or how much bollocks he's spouted about it in the intervening years, he was one of the immensely colourful characters who lit up the early punk scene and made it oh so attractive to the provincial 14 year old me and for his part in that I'll always be grateful. Right through his life - from his shop thru his dalliances with the Dolls and the Pistols and Bow Wow Wow to his own bizarre recording history - he was a great mischief-maker, maybe even the greatest. And THAT is something that there's a great shortage of in this day and age. RIP Talcy Malcy
  8. The Motorcycle Boy - Big Rock Candy Mountain
  9. The Stranglers have heeeeeps of classy bass moments. I really like Genetix where JJ goes a bit mental on the outro/climax bitty.
  10. A : Arcade Fire - Funeral B : Bush, Kate - The Dreaming C : Clash - Sandinista! D : Damned - Machine Gun Etiquette E : Elastica - S/T F : Fugazi - The Argument G : Go-Team - Thunder Lightning Strike H : Harvey, PJ - To Bring You My Love I : Idlewild - Hope Is Important J : Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures K : Killing Joke - S/T (2003) L : Little Axe - The Wolf That House Built M : Madonna - Ray Of Light N : New York Dolls - S/T O : Orbital - The Middle Of Nowhere P : Primal Scream - Vanishing Point Q : Queen - 2 R : Ramones - It's Alive! S : Sons & Daughters - The Repulsion Box T : Turbonegro - Apocalypse Dudes U : Urusai Yatsura - Slain By.... V : Von Bondies - Lack Of Communication W : Wire - Pink Flag X : X - Wild Gift Y : Young Gods - T.V. Sky Z : Zounds - The Curse Of....
  11. Another Perfect Day is almost certainly my favourite album though most of my favourite tracks are not on it. It just hangs together really well as a complete piece of work. Plus Shine is a choooooon.
  12. Well that saves on a hotel and long drive. Missed Girlschool last year due to being stuck in traffic cos of the roadworks on the way to Glasgow.
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