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  1. Devoto, Adamson, Doyle & Formula plus an as yet un-named guitarist are getting together for a handful of dates in February next year. Included is Glasgow Academy on Feb 16th. Tickets @ 23 are on sale now from Ticketweb. This will be a bit special.
  2. Well that was fan-fucking-tastic! Six acts, all different, all really, really good. I thought The Hijacks and Escape To Victory held up the Aberdeen end rather well. Chris Murray maybe shaded it on the night for me personally from the Boom but, like I say, everyone was terrific. Cheers to GFN for nailing this one. ,
  3. I doubt you'd get ANY ska compilation with Geno and Turning Japanese on it. 4 does seem pretty steep for a 3 track ep though.
  4. 16 Again have a vacant drumstool once again. Think you can fill it? Do you have the skill of Topper Headon and the attitude of Rat Scabies? Do you have an undying love of late 70s / early 80s punk rock? Latest set of songs includes stuff by Alternative TV, Killing Joke, The Members, Dead Kennedys, UK Subs, Heartbreakers, Adam & The Antz but we're open to anything from that period. If you've seen us play you'll know the score. Are you prepared to commit to at least one rehearsal a week and gigs whenever we can get them just for the sheer fun of playing some of the best tunes ever written? (Please be under no illusions that there is any money in this! Refer to two ex-drummers). Are you committed to putting on the best show possible, both visually & sonically? Are you up for the occasional roadtrip on a shoestring budget? If this sounds like you, then give us a shout. Either message us on here, our Myspace or call 07730-057327 for further details. Cheers, Blitzkrieg Bob
  5. Tonight folks. Come along and raise a glass to the Strummer man in the company of : 20:30 - Decontrol 21:30 - Toy 22:45 - aka-Ska 00:00 - Billy Liar 01:00 - Dirty Deeds
  6. I'm not sure yet. What do you reckon would be a fair price? All handpainted on stretched canvas, A3 and A2 in size approx. I'll also be raffling this on the night.
  7. December 22nd marks five years since the death of Joe Strummer. Join us at Cafe Drummonds on that night to remember and celebrate the great musical legacy left behind by the legendary frontman. The gig is a fundraiser for the Strummerville Foundation For New Music. Set up by the friends and family of Joe Strummer in the year after his death, the charity seeks to reflect Joe's unique contribution to the music world by offering support, resources and performance opportunities to artists who would not normally have access to them. This is a concept Strummer had held dear since the earliest days of The Clash so come along and support this worthwhile cause. Artists playing on the night (and tipping a hat to the man himself) are aka-Ska, Dirty Deeds, Billy Liar, Decontrol, Toy, Headlight and Dave Hughes plus DJs playing Strummer related tunes all night. There will also be Strummerville merchandise and artwork available for sale. Should be a good one! See you down the front. BB
  8. Due to cancellations, we have slots to fill at a gig to mark the 5th anniversary of the death of Joe Strummer. Anyone interested, PM me as soon as possible.
  9. Punk Rock extravaganza - miss at your peril! Neck "London-Irish psycho-ceilidh band." Strawberry Blondes "Punk 'n' roll mob kings!" Guns On The Roof "The next generation of UK punk!" 16 Again "Shameless cover band!"
  10. Great band. Great first THREE albums. Come on! Soap has classics like I Want To Burn Again and Model Worker on it as well as the great singles. It's easily as good as the first two, albeit in a different way. My fave track though is their immense version of Beefheart's I Love You You Big Dummy. Simply untouchable.
  11. I definitely remember PWEI playing the Venue as support to the Shop Assistants. As well as many of those noted so far, I also have good (if somewhat vague) memories of classy gigs there by the Scars, Alien Sex Fiend and Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction. Re the JAMC gig there, once they all sat down on stage (prompting an even bigger crush at the front) I struggled over the crash barrier in an attempt just to get out and found myself directed to the DJ booth at the side of the stage where I watched the remainder of the show with a perfect view and in total comfort. Still have some decent polaroids somewhere about. Not so with the Pixies gig though. Arrived slightly late due to pubbing it beforehand and spent the gig on the steps at the back of the dancefloor unable to see bugger all. Great gig all the same.
  12. 16 Again once did a wee 4 song tribute at the start of a set in the Lemon Tree back when Johnny died. The full nylon wigs, leathers, ripped denims get up - by christ it was hot! We even had a Gabba Gabba Heymin placard! Great fun but I don't know if I could be arsed with doing a whole set.
  13. I seen him and he was alright - good tunes, funny words. Worth a look next time he has his band up with him. The under-rehearsed Tom Waits cover was ill-advised though. Enjoyed all 3 of the bands I seen at Kef beforehand as well. Top night.
  14. Or get them posted out for the princely sum of 50p.
  15. A thoroughly enjoyable night this, but I have one question. Doors were at 9pm, aka-Ska on at 9.30 sharp while the venue was still half empty. The Beat were subsequently done and dusted by the back of 12 and the venue all but emptied again leaving half a dozen folk dancing to the dj for the last hour. Why not put the support on later (ensuring they're playing to a decent crowd) and then the main act being on later ensures the venue remains full till closing time? More punters for longer = more bar revenue surely so everybody wins. Just wondering like.
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