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  1. What I like about the illegible logo concept is that it wipes out all the agonizing band-name-choosing sessions. You can just name your band PGSTEMNGFRCVJX JHSHJHEF and no-one will ever be any the wiser.
  2. Aren't aka-SKA on the Banshee stage on Friday too?
  3. Going Underground by The Jam or, in the case of cremation, I'm On Fire by Chelsea. You need a laugh at a funeral.
  4. Well that was a pretty decent night. All three acts put on a good show. The Damned were the best I've seen them for a fair few years. The revamped setlist was excellent with a few things I hadn't heard live before.
  5. Amazing! Do they still have huuuuuuge flat-tops and make a right mess at their gigs now they're around 50? Hope so.
  6. Aye me. Good gig. I also saw them at Exodus during one of the Tryptych weekends when they gave away a free EP on entry to the gig. A few years later I sold it on Ebay for 75. Woulda just about bought me the box set.
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