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  1. This is my current game. I'm using FM09 and I've been playing this one off-and-on for about a year now. Dorchester Town 08-09 BSS 13th (I think I took over just at the end of the season, started unemployed and sunday footballer) 09-10 BSS 13th 10-11 BSS 7th 11-12 BSS 1st 12-13 BSP 4th 13-14 BSP 1st 14-15 L2 16th 15-16 L2 10th 16-17 L2 12th 17-18 L2 8th 18-19 L2 2nd 19-20 L1 4th (play-off winners) 20-21 CCC 19th 21-22 CCC 14th I have a new stadium being built (cap 18,993 ready at start of 23/24 season. current cap: 6,604). Unfortunately this game doesn't recognise the difference between managed debt and total debt. Still making a profit but my wage budget has been slashed and I'm being described as "penniless" despite 3 million in the bank. I'm going to see how far I can take Dorchester and then upgrade to FM12 (or 13, depends how long this takes before I'm sacked or crowned champ league winners) I had to have a little chuckle earlier when news that Mick McCarthy had been sacked by Kilmarnock appeared on the screen.
  2. Think of it more as giving the sound engineer a heads-up that you're going to be taking your gear into previously unexplored heights of volume, so they can be prepared to back off the gain and protect the PA equipment if need be. I'm also pretty sure Hendrix would have had a) His own engineer b) A manager with enough cash to pay for any damage caused. Or, to put it another way, if you give the sound engineer fair warning your going to chunk up the signal, it's their fault if the PA gets borked.
  3. http://stevekeanconspiracytheory.blogspot.com/
  4. I used to play multi-player games with Delboy. It was a bit annoying, as Chris has figured out, playing club teams because there's all the transfer,training, scouting etc faffing about to do. We settled on playing international teams and going on holiday in between tournaments/international weeks. You only really need to think about tactics and squad selection with the international teams so you can get maximum matchtime for your session.
  5. I'm not surprised your 3-1-3-1-3 formation is giving people the runaround, I count 11 outfield players.
  6. Try review>share workbook There's an option there to allow changes by more than one user at the same time. You can't change the track change history option etc without enabling that so I reckon that's what you need. This episode was brought to you by the letter F and the number 1.
  7. Try Edinburgh. OAPs and kids aside, you rarely hear anyone talking English on their mobiles on the buses here. Add in the English and Irish and it feels like Scots are a minority.
  8. The last vowel sound is the -pill at the end. It rhymes regardless of how you pronounce the hir- or the pur- parts. What people are forgetting here is that it's the last vowel sound on the last syllable that's important
  9. I came across this Go straight to 2:17 and listen to SAF. Fergie, "We're the luckiest team in the world. We were a disgrace of a performance.? Miller and McLeish won the cup for Aberdeen. Miller and McLeish played Rangers themselves. They were a disgrace of a performance. And I'm not caring, winning cups doesn't matter. Our standards have been set long ago and we're not going to accept that from any Aberdeen team. No way should we take any glory from that".
  10. You got that right. Spurs probably thought there might be a bit of a fight for the win.
  11. You can only really consider the -thing part, because you have two different pronunciations of -o-. They do rhyme though, but the rhyme is on an unstressed syllable so it is considered "feminine".
  12. That would be a bit more believable if he hadn't included a quote stating that Berwick has been in English hands for 5 centuries.
  13. Some not so recent stsats about wages/turnover in the SPL and beyond here: The Political Economy of Football | UK and World Soccer Only up to 07/08 but the turnover and %wages/turnover make interesting reading. 2007/2008 season Abdn: turnover: 12.9 mill. wage bill=5.93 million for 102 employees. Average wage 58.1K. Dundee Utd: turnover 5.9 mill, wage bill=3.34 mill for 83 employees. Average wage 40.2K Hibs: turnover 8.1 mill, wage bill=4.6 mill for 111 employees. Average wage 41.6K Hearts: turnover 9.2 mill, wage bill not available but for 161 employees and 2005/2006 seasons wage to turnover ration of 97% probably make it pretty huge comparatively speaking. Romanov was only in charge for half that season but the wage bill ended up massively more per turnover than any other club. I make that a wage bill of 9.7 mill in the 2005/2006 season. The average wage at Hearts for that season was 88.5K. I reiterate: he was only in charge for half of that season.
  14. Once your team appears on the football league show, I'll agree with you about when the season starts.
  15. I was just away to pull Del up on that one. In other news *snigger* Rangers have just had a man sent of for throwing the ball at a Malmo player. Big baby.
  16. Just mute the telly and you'll be fine.
  17. Looks like banana/binding post combo to me. No point having the hole in the middle for pure binding post, but it looks like there is some 'grip' on the posts as well so it doesn't look like banana-only either.
  18. Sounds like the driver was corrupt, which is why I advised uninstalling and reinstalling rather than just upgrading. @ca_gere Even if it didn't throw the XBox offline, an IP Conflict error message would appear on the computer (and, I would assume, the XBox). It should throw it offline though, how would the router know which one of the two identical IP addresses to send the packets to? Intermittent wireless issues can be caused by many factors but WAP and wireless adapter are the two main culprits. In this case it had been narrowed down to the wireless adapter (assuming the XBox was wireless, which makes the router "known good"). Flakey wireless adapters are nearly always driver issues in my experience.
  19. Nah, they'll both be assigned IP addresses by the router. If the router took a spaz attack and assigned the same IP address as the XBox that would throw the XBox offline as well.
  20. Sometimes it's a driver issue. Get the latest driver from the manufacturers website, delete the old one and install the new one. I take it the XBox is wireless as well so if it has no issues that should rule out the other main culprit (the wireless router)
  21. It's a terrace. The gardens were originally private gardens for the inhabitants of Bon-Accord Crescent (then known as Terrace) and this was a terrace where they could sit and overlook the gardens.
  22. I thought that was the way it was run anyway. Take a few promising, fame hungry people, subject them to pressure and fame over the course of the series and see how they handle it, gauge public reaction along the way. Everyone else is there to produce "good" television, i.e. people with heart-warming stories, people with a hugely inflated sense of their own talent etc.
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