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  1. I see Leighton starts back on Monday. BBC Sport - Football - New Aberdeen manager Brown eyes move for McNamee
  2. Superb. I now know everything I need to know about that match.
  3. He's got a tricky start as well, Liverpool at home, Birmingham away, Man City at home, Spurs away.
  4. "Ashley has had a lot of problems since he bought the club and his face doesn't fit," said Shepherd. "But it is very important that [support for Pardew] happens for the team at this stage of the season. We are in 11th position and we need a couple of wins to get ourselves back into mid table." Seems like ex-Newcastle boss Freddy Shepherd is suffering from arithmeticophobia.
  5. I read that as well, a 3 metre high cushion of cool air across the whole pitch. Let's just hope a light breeze doesn't spring up.
  6. I see the highlights of last night's match at Pettodrie are on the BBC Sport website.
  7. The only apps that need to be on the same drive as the OS are those that run as services (e.g. AV apps). I've also noticed that most SSD manufacturers recommend that you do NOT use it for swap space as using a lot of write operations will degrade the drive quicker.
  8. Not particularly tight, W7 needs 16GB free space for installing 32 bit and 20GB free for installing 64 bit versions. Once installed they require less.
  9. 2GB of RAM is the recommended minimum for Windows 7 64 bit. Sounds like the 3GB target Christy has been given is about right, I don't see what he's trying to do eating up more than a gig on top of the OS. More certainly wouldn't hurt but see what you can get for your budget. @Zeromisery Your internet connection speed has nothing to do with your HDD speed. Even a fairly standard 7200 RPM can write at 70 MBps. i.e 560 Mbps (a lot more than your 11 Mbps connection) . I wouldn't recommend striping. Firstly you'd need two HDDs and secondly if one of those HDDs went tits you'd lose every last piece of data on both. Check your HDD light when you think things are running slow, if it's flashing a lot then you have basically run out of memory and the computer is storing data from your RAM on to a cache on your HDD. Your ReadyBoost flash drive won't stop this happening, it just duplicates what's in your HDD cache so it can be retrieved quicker. In short, it's not as good as having more RAM but it's a lot quicker than having to get your data direct from the HDD.
  10. Hah! Now we disagree. I class card-waving as unsportsmanlike behaviour and therefore a yellow card offence. I'm also heavily in favour of retrospective bans for simulation if video evidence proves conclusively that the player is a cheating cnut. 3 game ban for first offence, keep that on their record for two years, double the ban for every time they get caught simulating in the 2 year period. Who would buy a an already over-priced striker if they got caught 4 times in 2 years and were banned for almost half a season?
  11. I agree totally. What's the point of 25 man squads if the EPL suits still think they know how to pick the team better than the guy employed to pick the team? I don't imagine Blackpool have such a huge range of talent in their squad that their "First XI" is significantly better than their "Second XI" and, by all accounts, if they'd got a point at Villa it would have been justified.
  12. I never said they couldn't be traced by any means, I just said they couldn't be traced by IP address from an external location. Your scenario isn't as easy as it seems either. Varying signal strengths of different wireless NICs and possible physical obstructions would all conspire to give you a rather large sphere of influence. Someone living in a block of flats could have 20, 30 or even more neighbours within range and I don't see anyone getting more than one search warrant. never mind 30+. Also remember that it could be someone who's turned the concept of wardriving to their own nefarious needs so even less likely that a court would issue a search warrant. They could probably trace someone using RF triangulation but I doubt the police have the resources to commit to having people waiting around in someone's house/flat in the hope that the wrongdoer will use the network sometime soon. I think all the activity (police removing neighbours computer and probably the neighbour) might tip off the perpetrator so they'd likely have the sense to stop using it anyway.
  13. The consumers router will handle the local address translation so the internet will only ever see the public (ISP assigned) IP address. They'll know which connection downloaded it but not the private IP address of the machine. Since most hosts use DHCP in a typical home set up even the private IP address tells you squat, it could all be different tomorrow.
  14. Pity he can't fill in the gaps when you keep losing points! Looks like we may have to put off our anticipated CU Vs Barnet league match, Next year Barnet will be BSP but you guys will be (knowing your luck) BSN*. *You'd expect BSS but, as I said, knowing your luck...
  15. As far as what we need to do to secure second place goes, Friday's result didn't really change anything. We still need to beat Czech and Lith at home and beat Liech away. Unless either Czech or Lith get some points against Spain the worst case scenario is being pipped on goal difference by Lithuania. Maybe Levein had this all figured out as well, we didn't need to win, we could afford to lose but not get pumped. That would explain his tactics. Doesn't mean I have to like them though.
  16. A P60 is an end-of-year form and won't help much since it would only cover up until the start of April. As far as I'm aware, emergency tax should only be paid if you're starting work in the current tax year and don't have a P45. Since you started in the last tax year you should have a normal tax code for this tax year. Your employer needs to sort this out I think. The other alternative involves your P45 being presented to you and letting the tax office sort it out.
  17. I don't think I've ever had a job that didn't have unpleasant tasks associated with it. If a band can tune their instruments and can play well enough to pull off what they're trying to play 99% of the time then it's rarely unpleasant. As long as there's something there to work with you can at least try to make a silk purse out of it. You can't polish a turd though.
  18. I still don't like that idea. In the same picture you see two tracks that appear to be converging, then diverging. Maybe it's an optical illusion. If it isn't it's not the sort of behaviour I would expect from two objects frozen in the same ice sheet.
  19. In the middle picture above there seems to be earth piled up in front of the big rock, which would mean the ground wasn't frozen when it was moving.
  20. It depends on what role the engineer is playing and what level the artists are at. The Taylored chaps, being PA hire, have public liability insurance, fuel, van insurance/ tax/repair, staff costs, maintenance (necessary and legal requirements) etc. They also don't have any way to supplement their income (merch), don't usually get riders or PDs etc. although I've not spoke to them for a while, they were working in the medium-sized venue (up to music hall sort of size) so taking all that in to account, I reckon they probably do make less. House engineers have a much easier time of it and probably do make more than individual band members, but since most individual band members run at a loss (taking into account expenses such as rehearsals, strings/sticks, cables etc) that's not saying much. Touring engineers are somewhere in the middle, depends on the level of the band.
  21. It's not the formatting that takes up space, as the article points out. Unfortunately hardly anyone uses GiB to refer to base2, which would clear up any confusion. I believe EU law states that GB refers to 10^9 bytes and GiB refers to 2^30 bytes, so manufacturers and retailers should sell items labelled correctly. Probably one of the reasons we don't see this too often is because you can just label it GB and you'll either get what you paid for (1,000,000,000 bytes) or more than you paid for (1,073,741, 824 bytes). No one is going to sue because they got more than they paid for.
  22. You're right, they won't. Unless the venue knows and trusts the engineer they aren't going to give them unsupervised control of thousands of pounds worth of equipment that can quite easily be damaged by the technically inept or hundreds of pounds worth of equipment that can be easily secreted in gig bags.
  23. Supposedly the hose thing isn't true.
  24. Sounds like you lost connection to your DNS server. DNS requests are locally cached, so if you try to visit a website that you tried, but failed, to visit while your DNS was down, it'll still give you an error. Entries in the local cache are cleared after about 30 minutes, which explains why it all works again. Try ipconfig /flushdns at the command prompt if it happens again (you must run this as an administrator, in Vista and Windows 7 this means right-clicking the command prompt and choosing Run as..). Alternatively reboot, which will also clear the local DNS cache.
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