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Baby On Board badge


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i think this is both a sad day but midly amusing..


women who use the tube and who are pregnant can get a badge saying 'baby on board' in the hope that people will give up their seat for them.

you gotta wonder how they are going to regulate it. take documents? or just look pregnant?!

kinda sad though that people dont already give up their seats isnt it.

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Guest MarkJDelaney

Yeah, I think Baby On Board signs are pish. I agree with you "Da Fat Porn Star" I've alwyas said that to myself when I see one - Oh.. I WON'T rear end you or fish-tail you on the dualler cause you've got a funking baby on board. My neighbour has a "Mother-to-be on board" sign........................................... :|

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Ha ha! Imagine the possibilities...





heh heh.

Other possibillities include :

"If you can read this i need your details"

"Howz my driving!!"

"Beep for Boobies"

"The board is connected to the windscreen" - I would like to note i ran out after the first one.

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Guest Jake Wifebeater
i think parents just do it to boast now lol

I've always found that a pretty ridiculous thing to boast about. Boasting about getting laid? Crazy. Now I'm a parent I still find it daft.

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Suggestion for badge (not that it would apply to me' date=' of course!): I'VE GOT PMT. Subtext: Just do it. Just give me a seat. Or else.

Rosanne Richardson, Nottingham [/quote']

yes, I'm queuing up to wear THAT on my hoodie. I love the bit that says 'not that it would apply to me, of course!'. Of course... :finger:

IV'E WET MY PANTS - subtext: you don't want to sit in my seat or the one either side of me' date=' so give me some space, these seats are small enough.

Phil, Sheffield[/quote']

subtext: I'm an incompetent eejit.

The ones posted here were much better :D

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Guest Jake Wifebeater
when i was out walking today i seen the worst badge for a car ever!

'princess on board'


Jesus, that's awful. She might be a princess to you but she's a loud, pungent brat to the rest of us.

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