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spyware help needed!


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Guest Cowboy Dan
try "hijack this" if it is a search engine hijack it can be pretty nasty put pop up should easily be removed by "ad-aware"

Yes, but hijackthis isn't as easy as that, you need to know specifically which registry files need deleted.

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Guest Scorge Spike

The best thing to do is manually scour the registry for shite - but without wanting to sound disrespectful, I suspect that's way beyond your skill level. Try a registry checker, run the spyware checker again, and if that fails you're going to have to reinstall.

Have fun!

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im afraid the problem seems to have reappeared!! ive downloaded both spybot and ad ware but it keeps doing it!! :(

daft question maybe, but you have actually run searches with both programs, not just downloaded them?

try googling the name of the home page you're being sent to, chances are you'll find a site with advice on fixing the problem.

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go here or here (preferably using IE), let the program run, let it delete anything it finds. Restart machine, go back to the website and run again to check.

Now once that is done search google for AVG anti-virus and zone alarm or go out and buy some other type of anti-virus and firewall software. That will stop this happening if set up right.

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