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  1. anyone got spare killers tickets for aberdeen next year? Can haggle with the price! Cheers Mark
  2. The file is a Jpeg if thats what you mean? The size is 3072 x 2304 ive tried to reduce the size on paint but cant seem to get it to work! Ive also tried to use winzip but its being a pain!
  3. Does anyone know how to compress digital photo files down to 2mb? I need help!?( Cheers, Mark
  4. Anybody else go to the gig? They were the first band on and by far the best! Lot of energy in the performance! Although the highlight was watching the fan at the front giving the most energy zapping performance of moshing, I have ever had the pleasure to watch! Look out for them at drummonds on the 27th!
  5. I always thought the wasteland was for all the utter shite? why break it into lil pieces? id prefer to scroll through the shit in one go not little by little!
  6. im in troon and its far too hot! even the wind is making me sweat dammit!
  7. i managed to score a pitiful 25 on boxing day at macduff. i still reckon it was the pints of stella that helped though:gringo:
  8. airframe technican in the RAF currently on 43 pound a day
  9. Marky_D


    being in the cadets i got to fly quite alot which was kool being up in an AWACs at RAF Waddington was the best but the food wasnt great being in the RAF now theres plenty of chances to fly, gunna put my name down for a flight in a hawk i think! ( hawk is the same aircraft as a red arrow if anyone doesnt know)
  10. the americans are already doing a great jod with the good old Mr Bush
  11. roast chicken salad made by ginsters
  12. im afraid the problem seems to have reappeared!! ive downloaded both spybot and ad ware but it keeps doing it!!
  13. cheers for the help! preoblem appears to have gone away!
  14. i downloaded one program and it got rid of many problems but not the problem im trying to fix!
  15. for some reason when i log into my yahoo or hotmail accounts it goes to a spyware page and a pop up appears telling me my pc is infected! then it gives all these spyware programs i could buy! anyone know where i can get rid of this without the cost!? thank you
  16. after clicking on to the link with the roger thread i am now (for the first time) glad to have been posted down to cornwall
  17. you can buy the black and white bands from jjb sports for around about a fiver i think but they sell fast
  18. id be very interested in buying it! im in aberdeen from the end of march till the 9th of april but after that im afraid im away back down to cornwall if it was unavailable
  19. you would be wrong my pole dancing amigo plans are already underway
  20. my pics of dallas pole dancing are always enough to get me creaming and a dreaming
  21. whats funnier than throwing a baby off a building? catching it with a pitch fork
  22. 1. get rid of the overdraft 2.continue to enjoy the RAF lifestyle 3.start going to the gym 4.find out about college courses on day release 5.keep in contact with friends back home more often
  23. my parents are also very kool! my dad is turning into my drinking buddie!
  24. less than a month before i got accepted to join the RAF i was filling in one of their forms with my mum and found out my bro with actually my step bro! i have another bro i havent seen in years i hardly know any of my dads side of the family but my family is my family and i love them so deal with it!
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