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  1. only some of Deadloss and Eric Euan, why ain't Bloodnut higher on the bill. rubberchickensociety.ning.com
  2. Pete is the one on the ... er..... left......no right. You decide
  3. Keep on dancing I'll still be dancing when we do the same to the Welsh next week
  4. It is for good and deserved you fucking arse
  5. Simon Taylor is the one that just about every rugby coach in Aberdeen claims to have coached. Tom Philip (5 caps) was from around Aberdeen as well, but injery has just about finnished his career. New Zealand will win the 2007 world cup. Is Christy a retard
  6. It is so much easier with the FULL PICTURE
  7. It was a perfectly good movie. It wasn't about the fighting The next Tony Jaa movie (Tom Yum Goong) is out already in some parts of the world but there is not jet a planned release date. I have just had a copy taken back from Thailand but in Thai only, no english subtitles. The silly girl bought it on VCD instead of DVD
  8. Here is the science on the record. http://www.sciencenews.org/articles/20040124/mathtrek.asp
  9. Daughter saw her in Edinburgh . Now dressed in red.
  10. Putting in Sabbath gave me some great results including a couple of bands I haven't heard of. Great site, well found.
  11. They don't need to sue them. They have already given all their oil to Halliburton so they'll have no money.
  12. It would be a great use of formwer students who have degrees that make them unemployable and would free soldiers for shooting things
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