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who fancies a trip to the pics...


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nothing to do so me' date=' *alex* and el cloud will be going to see "meet the fochers" at 2.30pm so if you want to come as the more the merrier then meet outside vue at 2pm exactly!.

Yes I know...I suck.[/quote']

i hope cloud cancels. because you know no one will go. what a date thatd be. can i sit behind you and kick your seats and shit in your popcorn?

camie theres a device you have called a mobile telephone. in there youll find some friends. give them a tinkle.

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haha...i know i thought it would be a bit of fun...but it wasnt...

i'm soooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

i hope you got my text...i left my phone in my friends car..then he fucked off to uni...so i couldn't text you to arrange where to meet or anything, gah i feel bad. i kicked my friend twice.

i will proceed to kick myself twice...

..it's much harder than you'd think!

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Haha' date=' did Camie get stood up?[/quote']

it wasn't a date :swearing:

and he wasn't alone, i noticed about an hour ago that he text me from a number other than his, so there must have been at least one other person with him :)

DON'T make me feel any worse. :down:

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yeah' date=' he probably had to borrow the phone of the hagen daas man who came over to ask if he was alright as he wept in a corner.

I love the pictures, I'd have gone.

Poor Camie.[/quote']

Jenni, want to kick me for me?

gah. the hagen daas man is nice, he gives you icecream :)

it wasn't just me and him going anyway...cloud was going, so he'd have been happpy, no weeping necessary

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Guest haigyman
i passed camie and cloud in the bon accord centre.... and as usual camie didnt say hi!!! i have passed him sooooooo many times in town but he blanks me *gutted*

cloud spoke to me though :D

very similar to how you blanked me in kef eh? EH? :nono:

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