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Motormark, Piney Gir and The Videos - Coming to Drakes in January!


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Advanced warning, folks!

Fife duo Motormark storm their official DHR electropunk into Drakes, abily assisted by London's delightful Piney Gir and local robotechdiscotheque troupe, The Videos!

Surely you've not lived if you've not seen Motormark's legendary Drakes gigs, and now they're doubly cult given their new label sees them rubbing shoulders with Alec Empire's pick of the underground punktronic set. Boy girl dynamics that just makes you want to go beat up a casio.

Piney Gir's a charismatic slice of music history distilled into one genre-hopping set of electronic delights - From sleazoid Peaches-esque electroclash to loungecore croons, taking brief detours via the nursery and good ol' country and western. It's like pot luck, except every song's a winner.

Direct from the mouth of The Videos, "Real Shocks+Japan+Filth+Black+Disco = The Videos". Nuff said really.


Price and time TBC soon!

EDINBURGH PEOPLE - Piney Gir will be playing with Motormark at the Caledonian Backpackers Hostel on Saturday the 22nd of January as part of the Easy Tiger night - No excuse to miss out on 2 of the 3 top bands we've got on up here!

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Gary' date=' Jacqui and myself decided Aberdeen needed a slice of her sweetness, so we badgered her into coming up here when we last saw her in Edinburgh. It's the full band bizness, too![/quote']

Consider your face violently stroked. And these other people as well if necessary.

My old stroking club broke up so I have much fingerprint-related fun to dish out.

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The first rule of stroking club etc etc

We must all spread the word of this woman's loveliness!

I think there's a better chance of me knowing your face against you knowing mine so I shall have the first stroke! :p

Piney. I cannae wait. I e-mailed her the other day asking if she'd like a date in Aberdeen - how far ahead of me she was!

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The Videos might take the sheen off of it a bit though.

I beg to differ, of course, or I wouldn't have asked 'em on the bill - They've played with Piney Gir (as the Real Shocks) before and have a couple of Motormark fans in the band, so aside from the complimentatry music stylee they are a great match for the night. Still, can never get a full line up that's everyone's cup'o'tea, but I do believe this is a good 'un.

And I do know what you look like, Mr. Psydoll... It's a fair race to stroke face.

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I had a couple of pints with Piney on Friday (with Mrs mmd040 I should add) and she's very excited about coming to Aberdeen, so let's not disappoint. This weekend past she was recording a new video at MTV studios, all paid for by MTV! Don't miss this opportunity to catch her before megastardom strikes!! :partyboy:

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Psydoll - you ass.

Sadly... we are no longer playing this as our drummer has been made to go away for his nasty work. I am extremely gutted but shall attend.

Motormark = :love:

I assure you Piney is so lush in the flesh that you might wet yourself.

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