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  1. I get off a train at half 9, will i catch 3 storeys high?
  2. 3 storeys high? are they from derby? I think that's my friend from uni's little brother's band. tenuous link, but I may go see them all the same. My friend says they're really good- but then he probably would... oh and I think their name is spelt wrong on the flyer...
  3. http://www.favreau.info/misc/images/overchnoc.jpg i want a kitten
  4. Heather


    you have no idea how happy i am that there's a thread about neighbours here, i come back after 5 months and there's actually something worth reading! i've just realised how sad i've become... izzy is a bint karl's band "the waiting room" are touring walkabouts and student unions now, i'm considering going to see them to chuckle...
  5. that site is amazing! and yeah, i never knew we were supposed to be worried about that!! uh oh, paranoia coming on! it's a shame most of the links don't work...
  6. 'tis a shame. no rainbow smilies, eh? we'll see about that! i'm back on monday, pint?
  7. i'm in aberdeen on the 15th.... that's when my term starts. so i'm home for a month before that. i was just thinking about that old drinking thing yesterday, we should definately do it again
  8. hmmm, i can't remember, waygay.co.uk maybe? i'll have a wee looky edit - yup, www.waygay.co.uk it's v2 board and it all looks similar to this, though i know very little. it's a nice idea cos sometimes threads get lost and confusing. so are the rainbow smilies
  9. Heather


    wow! my sister lives pretty near there at the moment, south west in the Tirol.
  10. i've just seen a really cool feature on a different forum, it's ace! in the quote on the reply it has a little icon that you can click on that takes you to the original post that was quoted. the code in the message was ←post number i thought it was clever and useful. could it be a possibility?
  11. yeah, but i'd still prefer to be allowed to smoke when i go out...
  12. i want something done about it to stop all these circular arguments. though we do seem to be getting somewhere now. Basically, if the ventilation is good enough then smoking really shouldn't bother anyone. I get pissed off if someone is smoking in my face, or even if the smoke from my cigarette is going into my face. I think all us smokers should realise we don't have a leg to stand on. All our argument consists of is "well i like it and so everyone else should put up with it cos that's the way things are now" it's just our addiction, and the fact that a fag and a pint is the nicest thing ever! i think something has to be done. lots of smoke just isn't pleasant. but i reckon places will ban smoking before they get good ventillation cos it's cheaper. Unitl they see how the profit goes down...
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