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Lamb of God.........Slayed


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Lamb of God were fucking incredible, very few bands can actually sound better live than on cd, they are one of them!!!!

Just amazing

Killed some hardcore kids in their wall of death

Thought As i lay dying and throwdown were good live bands but take any chance to have very average breakdowns so that people can throw their legs and arms about.

The few hardcore kids in the lamb pit got pummeled by the ridiculously oversized metal heads that were there.

really enjoyed 'roots' cover by throwdown

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Saw the same line up in Liverpool last night - As I Lay Dying were OK, but nothing special. Throwdown, on the other hand, were AWESOME! Just stupidly great - and when they started playing "Roots Bloody Rooooooooots" the place went OFF!

Lamb of God, however, were pish. Watched two songs, got bored, left. Death to crap metal.

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Some people prefer cliche-ridden metal.

For the record, I tend to find bands like ThrowDown and Hatebreed to be a bit meat-headed, usually preferreing my brutality a bit more cerebral. However, if it's mosh-core you want, there are none finer than TD. AND they played "Roots", a metal tune a million times better than anything LoG have produced. I fail to see why people get so excited about LoG, while actual talented metal bands such as Burnt By The Sun get only occasional press....

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Guest Nikola Tesla
Burnt By The Sun .... .now thats a proper band

Now theres a comment we can all agree on!

BBTS fucking kill!!!!

Just as an opinion too.... i think throwdown are ridicuously bland and meat headed on cd, i prefer As I Lay Dying far more.

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As I lay dying where fucking amazing, was a shame they only gotr a 30 minute set and 1/3 of the garge filled but fucking played there hearts out. Throwdown were so much heavier than they are on C.D. The pit was crazy almost the whole floor was hardcore dancing, and even getting hit in the back off the head and kicked in the teeth it was amazing. Lamb of God was my fav of the night. They are so much better live then on c.d, and Randy from Lamb of God came out in a kilt and he was a true scotsman. Pit was crazy every fuckier was massive but great fun.

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