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Pollution II

Joe Atom

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Originally posted by *Craig_HexPen*

vote for fucking atom...........

...........its actually pretty fucking dumb how bands like us , last time perfect and the x-certs are getting so many votes ....... were all just a bunch of fucking useless kids at least bands like BLACK MUTHAFUCKIN ATOM know what they are doing :p


only joking dudes

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Well played last night boys... sorry, I had to leave after chasing ghosts. Not sure if you played anything else after the usual 5 minutes of chaos/feedback/widdly woo solos (ace!)/drum fills/Rass-stamping-on-a-very-nice-guitar-which-if-he-does-that-again-I-may-have-to-tell-him-to- stop-being-such-a-naughty-boy.

I figured that was pretty much the end of the set....


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