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  1. Brilliant! I just got home from one of the best gigs I have been to in a LONG time! Well done guys! LOVED the new songs. Great Stuff! AND Rico in a suit! Awesome night guys, well done! Keep up the fantastic work!
  2. So I'm possibly a little late :O but Happy Birthday hon xxx
  3. Hope you have a good'un xxx
  4. Well played last night guys! I really enjoyed the gig. Dunno what the first band were like, I missed them, but loved Godplayer too
  5. Merry Christmas to everyone and a very DRUNKEN new year to you all too xxx
  6. i completely agree with desolation' date=' also used to love metallica warm up medley, there's another song, the name's at the tip of my tongue, what was it now? [/color']
  7. sorry to disappoint but i won't be there , moving and stuff! I'm sure someone else'll do the deed for me Dan you used to be good at the shouting and blaming it all on me , come on!!! have a good'un tho guys
  8. happy birthday hon, have a good'un xxx
  9. good luck guys, i'm sure it'll sound fantasic! .......when 6 becomes one!!!!!! have fun and try not stress each other out xxx
  10. the artwork's fantastic, would love to see some of your other stuff, you should post a link to you're site if you've got one
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