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  1. Brilliant! I just got home from one of the best gigs I have been to in a LONG time! Well done guys! LOVED the new songs. Great Stuff! AND Rico in a suit! Awesome night guys, well done! Keep up the fantastic work!
  2. So I'm possibly a little late :O but Happy Birthday hon xxx
  3. Hope you have a good'un xxx
  4. Well played last night guys! I really enjoyed the gig. Dunno what the first band were like, I missed them, but loved Godplayer too
  5. Merry Christmas to everyone and a very DRUNKEN new year to you all too xxx
  6. i completely agree with desolation' date=' also used to love metallica warm up medley, there's another song, the name's at the tip of my tongue, what was it now? [/color']
  7. sorry to disappoint but i won't be there , moving and stuff! I'm sure someone else'll do the deed for me Dan you used to be good at the shouting and blaming it all on me , come on!!! have a good'un tho guys
  8. happy birthday hon, have a good'un xxx
  9. good luck guys, i'm sure it'll sound fantasic! .......when 6 becomes one!!!!!! have fun and try not stress each other out xxx
  10. the artwork's fantastic, would love to see some of your other stuff, you should post a link to you're site if you've got one
  11. noooooo, i meant the halloween ones n that, black atom thru the ages! whatta rant for nothing!
  12. D'uh, it means ace, sweet, cool....get it? ?( Rass- you could try a premptive strike and shave it all off! or go purple! only kidding, touch p ur roots and it'll all be good!
  13. where's all the other photos? p.s. it's ace!
  14. go ginger! nah only kidding, brown would be interesting tho babes
  15. mine would have to be, (and i'm gonna cheat!): Austin powers (all of them) Waynes World (all of them) kevin smith movies donnie darco terminator 2
  16. Yes, if it was a 'Which album makes Len want to bowk first' contest! And no Ben, as much as I respect you, I will not be joining you in your chant of Hooks in You because if there ever was a reason for Adrian Smith and Bruce Dickinson to hang their heads in shame, aside from respective hairdo gaffs, it's that song. Joe is a BIT right about Mother Russia though, good call sir. Still doesn't save the album from such acts of audio buggery as Public Enema Number One, Run Silent Run Deep and Tailgunner. Bruce sounds like a vibrator in a sand pit for the best part of the album and the lyrics are just plain awful. I know that the album is close to Joe's heart because it was the album he got into Maiden through. As for Ben, well, I've given up hope of ever being able to look him in his metal eyes again. And they seemed like such normal guys too...... -Len
  17. Even better, a Taiwanese version of 'Reach Out' with Stuggy on lead vocals and Stew on back up! Incidentally, I'm a Somewhere in Time fan myself but the novelty of having the entirety of The X Factor played live would also shizzle my nizzle no end, provided Bruce was up for it. In my opinion, he has yet to out do the vocals on the two Blaze era albums. Actually, seeing Maiden cover an entire Dream Theater album would be ace! Metropolis pt.666? -Len
  18. It's tonight, I can't believe it's come soooooooooo quickly! Well guys have fun and Joe - Don't break a leg!
  19. You made that up!!! i'm a true metal head apparently, they showed a picture of maiden which upset me though, where's metallica, eh?
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