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Anyone watch hockey apart from me and teabags?

Currently half way through the Stanley cup final between the Washington Capitals (who have only ever made the final once and got swept) and the Vegas Golden Knights, who are in their first season of existence. 

It is very good. 

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I do.

Final has been great to far. Don't really care for either team in it, but there just seems like there'd be something a bit iffy about an expansion team winning it in the first season with a bunch of rejects. That's a bit irrational, but I don't like the idea of it. They acquired a whole lot of bandwagon fans this year. The internet will be a bit unbearable if they win it, so I guess I'm sort of rooting for the Capitals, but I'm not really that bothered.

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The playoffs have been great - so many upsets. Despite Vegas doing amazingly well all year I keep expecting them to lose and it never happens. I honestly can't believe how well they've done all season and how a bunch of just-above-average (not meant as an insult) players like Karlsson, Haula and Marchessault have become point-per-game stars. I guess having a point to prove can really affect your motivation.

It's not why I started this thread, but as an aside I actually happen to be a Caps fan and this is the first time since 1991 (which I can barely remember) a team I support has reached a major final of any tournament. Having watched them crush the regular season but choke to the Penguins in round 2 of the last two campaigns, this year has been a pleasant surprise!

It's potentially the final of the final tonight, so a 4am bedtime and feeling like dogshit tomorrow at work awaits... 
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I dip in and out but have the knights in my work bracket. I was the big I am when everyone’s bracket bust as the predators got dumped out but now I’m probably going out with a whimper. Will be nice to see Ovechkin lift the cup at least.

Went to an Edmonton @ Islanders game this season. That McDavid fella is special. Like seeing Messi or something.

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Put Vegas to win in my bracket, against the Caps, but as soon as they both made the final all I wanted was to see Ovechkin finally get the ultimate prize. He fucking deserves it. Blocking shots at the end of the third period. Fully committed and honestly, the raw emotion on his face as he got his hands on it was fucking incredible.

And aside from just Ovechkin, the final was peak hockey. Two incredible goalies, two incredible offenses, offense coming from 3rd/4th line guys and stay at home defensemen, and both teams going at 100 mph. Nothing new for Ovi, but putting up 15 goals while also running guys through the boards is why he's such a fucking good player.

Best playoffs in a while.

Here was my bracket, which was pretty fucking close...

Now...to the drafting of Rasmus Dahlin and back to being a Sabres fan and getting my heart ripped out of my chest.

13 hours ago, ca_gere said:

 That McDavid fella is special. Like seeing Messi or something.

He's fucking phenomenal. Generational talent. I just hope Edmonton manage to properly build around him or else it's all for nowt. 

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Calgary Flames all the way. 22 years of suffering, heartache and general despair and counting... I can see the same story this season as last season - a team tipped to do well just won't deliver.  As talented as the team is, we don't have a top goalie, and without one, there's no road to the conference finals IMO.

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