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Are there any good cheap power supplys

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12 hours ago, Flaneur said:


Tough and cheap!  The prices of some of the top end stuff are comical.

They also do a smaller version......

These don't have isolated outputs - so you're going to open yourself up to noise issues cos it's basically just a big ol daisy chain in a box.

The smaller harley benton one does have isolated outputs though, so if you've only got 5 9v 120ma or less pedals you'd be ok with that - or if you love ground hum and noise get the big one..


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Advice is only good pre purchase. If the lad has bought the power supply already you are just telling him he has bought a pile of horseshit. I agree with col.. If the supply is isolated it should be ok.. If its a gd one and you have more than 5 pedals buy another at that price.. Look at lots of online reviews in future and guage the general consensus. . sometimes  you do get what you pay for but at times companies live off their name and charge too much money for ptoducts

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