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Where have all the good gigs gone


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As A Lemon Tree regular along with my mate for the last 5 Years, attending on average 2 gigs a month each year I have to have a gripe about the quality of gigs available since July this year.

In May and June of this year I was at 6 gigs where the tickets were bought a t the same time as soon as gigs announced.

Since July absolutely nothing!!!!!!

Too many tribute bands and the like.

Only "known" bands appearing soon are

the waterboys - Boring

The Bees - both albums dreadful and have to be up there with the coral as the most overated band ever

Focus - even I'm not that old

The animals - Ditto

Cafe Drummond, Kef and other venues (if you can call them that) are getting better artists)

I have fairly wide musical taste although I draw the line at Rap I have been to several different styles of gig - Even took my daughter to see Speedway (and found them surprisingly excellent)

Also havn't received any freebie offers for bands. Only thing I have had this year was for some play (not my idea of a fun night out)

There arev loads of bands playing smaller venues than the Lemon tree in Glasgow and edinburgh so surely not to hard to attract them up here?

Maybe to much cash restraints now

Hope we can get this sorted out? :swearing:

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I'm in agreement with some of this but if you just broaden your already wide musical tastes you'll find there is still good stuff. Mory Kante and Musikas featuring Marta Sebestyen are big names in world music and Marta is a particularly special performer. Other highlights..Croft No.5, Hookers Green No.1 and James Yorkston.

I also wonder where the freebies have gone or even regular news letters. I've just renewed my regulars card but good value though it is, it ain't what it used to be.

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I agree with what has been said & with Graeme's list of beaut's, (esp marta sebestyn) plus i would add Adem on the jas yorkston night & poss mylo. The LT should be applauded for what they have brought to Aberdeen over the last twelve years, however times are tough for them & you have you have to search deeper in their progrmme for those special nuggets of joy. Whilst the programme is content to uplift the number of tribute bands offsetting this with an increase in local band nights, this has provided a platform for those wishing to bring interesting music to Aberdeen to plug the gap.

I to, will renew my regular membership because I believe in what the LT is about & that things go in cycles.

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I have been to few gigs at the lemon tree where i have none nothing of the artist and been blown away. I have my tickets for the Bees, Mylo, Babyshambles, Goldie Looking Chain and Bloc Party. All of whoch i am looking forward to. Out of all of those Mylo is definately worth a listen.

i am contemplating the regulars scheme.....would you recommend it folks?

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Hi there,

I'm very concerned to hear that some of you haven't been receiving your Regulars' newsletters. There should have been three of these this year, the last one having been sent just last week.

If those who didn't receive these can get in touch with me at marketing@lemontree.org to confirm their current postal address, I shall look into what the problem is there.

Even outside of the freebies, we feel the Regulars scheme presents excellent value at only 28 (20 concessions), a price that has not increased in many years. With discounts for the bigger gigs being in the region of 4 to 7, you make this back over 7 shows or less. That's not to mention the 10% discount for meals in our cafe.

Tommy Boy, sorry to hear that you haven't found much to get excited about in The Lemon Tree's programme recently, but I am confident that our music programme is of the utmost quality and should have something for almost every taste.

Even in the next week or so we have:

One of the UK's best Blues vocalists in Connie Lush;

Up-and-coming Glaswegian indie / alternative band Josphine;

The Bees, who may not be to everyone's taste, but their Mercury Prize nomination, great reviews in the likes of Mojo and Uncut, and a gig here that is already very close to selling out, show there are plenty who do rate them;

The highly innovative Skye producer and DJ, Mylo, who played an astounding set to thousands at this year's T in the Park, and has been lauded by publications such as Q, Jockey Slut and The Observer. With Freeform Five in support this gig is a real bargain at 6/4!

Estranged Libertines frontman Pete Doherty's new project Babyshambles;

Further ahead, Bloc Party are another exciting young band coming to The Lemon Tree soon for a ticket price of only 6/4, and who you will be unlikely to see again in this size of venue for such a reasonable price.

More established names playing here before Christmas include Capercaillie's Karen Matheson; Mory Kante; Roger Chapman, Nazareth, Sensational Alex Harvery Band, Vonda Shepard, Jah Wobble and Hundred Reasons.

And in terms of profile you couldn't get bigger at the moment than Goldie Lookin' Chain, regardless of what you think of their music.

Back in August, we had Cuba's Asere, Sons And Daughters, Blazin' Fiddles and Bert Jansch to name a few

It goes wthout saying that not all of these will appeal to everyone, but it would hard to imagine a greater mix of genres, or greater balance between new artists, and those with vast back catolgues of highly regarded recordings.

The Lemon Tree often comes in for criticism for putting on tribute bands, but these average out around two per month, which is not a huge portion of our programme. Furthermore they obviously appeal to some people as they are generally very well attended.

I sincerely hope that there is at least something amongst the artists mentioned above that you find of merit.

All the best


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There's some ace stuff coming up at Lemon Tree! Fingathing, Mylo, Goldie Lookin' Chain, James Yorkston/Adem, Hundred Reasons, DJ Premier plus there's quite a few things people are getting excited about that I've never heard of but shall track down samples to see if da hype is true :)

Nazareth are playing the Lemon Tree???

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fantastic bands this Sunday 26th Sept

Drummonds 2pm - 12pm 9 bands only 2

including , after an 8 year disappearance ,

the return of

the mighty HUMAN Generator

mucho variety,mucho cheapness,they even hae a new floor,so ye dinna stick around the bar so much.

Yeah yeah I know tribute acts generally suck,but 16 again are opening BizATHON 2004 and they clearly are an exception. BE THERE at 2pm,cheers,Biz.

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